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Whats your favourite perfume?.

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Some people have a passion for shoes or bags etc.., my luxury is perfume!.

A lot of my friends wait for birthdays or christmas to come before they get a new perfume, but this is the one thing i always treat myself to.

At the moment i'm using the following which are my favourites.

Rive Gauche by YSL
Flower by Kenzo
Aromatics by Clinique
Coco by Chanel
Obsession by Calvin Klein

Whats everyone else using?.
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My favorite is Aquolina Pink Sugar. I buy it from Sephora.
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I'm using at the moment which is my total favorite: Contradiction by Calvin Kline.

I also have Loves' Baby Soft.

Those are the 2 on my dresser at the moment that I like.
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Afraid it has to be the old favourite No.5. Have tried others but they all seem a bit'young'.
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Come on Alexis, your no where near past it yet!
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How kind.
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Think young, stay young!. Thats my motto anyway
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I recieved a sample card in the mail of Deep Red by Hugo Boss. I LOVE the scent but I'm guessing it's pretty expensive.
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Oooooh i had a sample of that one and i like that as well
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I am currently using Coolwater for women, but I just bought Now at Abercrombie and Fitch, I really like that and I think it's very affordable.
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Right now it is Innisfree - an irish perfume i picked up in an irish store in downtown.
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I also like Cool Water Woman, for day (I work w/a bunch of much older men, and I don't think it's wise to smell too sexy).
But my favorite, my signature scent for when I'm feeling really sexy, is Victoria's Secret's Dream Angels - Halo. I fell in love with it when it first came out, and then they discontinued it right about the time the first bottle ran out!!!! (seems they were having some problems w/the perfumerie or some such) I hounded every VS shop within 100 miles and had ALL my distant friends and relations looking for me, until they finally re-released it A YEAR later!!!!!!

I also enjoy the scent of L'Air du Temps, but not on me. My mother wore it for years when I was young and it always reminds me of her. She now wears Samsara, and I think it makes her feel younger and sexy! It's amazing what just a bit of perfume can do for your attitude!
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I can't wear the really complex perfumes, because they trigger my migraines. But I love the Demeter line of perfumes. They have scents like Grass, Tomato, Dirt (actually nice), Laundry detergent, etc. I wear Gin and Tonic and Grapefruit tea.
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I love Paloma Picasso, it's usually worn by people older than myself but I've always loved it and it's kinda cool that very few people my age wear it. I don't have any left at the moment so I'm wearing the 'Burberry' perfume I had for Christmas.
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I don't know much about Perfumes, but my mom uses Shalimar... its a french perfume which is so pricy here in PR the bottle costs around 30-40 dollars. Good tastes mind you.... and my girlfriend loves it too. Very sexy.
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Dream Angels Devine by Victoria's Secret.....personally I like the bath and body works scents for everyday use.
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I love Red Jeans by Versace. Started getting it when Gianni was still alive (and in charge of everything). I don't like the newer Versaci perfumes, but I still love Red Jeans, and Black Jeans is pretty nice too. (I actually got my first bottle of Red Jeans at a Versace boutique....it was the only thing in the store that I could actually wear - and I was still skinny then!)
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Originally Posted by Kumbulu
I recieved a sample card in the mail of Deep Red by Hugo Boss. I LOVE the scent but I'm guessing it's pretty expensive.
I like that, too - got a bottle for Christmas. Hubby, who bought it, likes it, and JC loves to "snuffle" my wrists and neck when I'm wearing it. I like to switch perfumes every few months, as otherwise I seem to start putting too much on. Right now I'm into the "classics" like Poison, Chanel No. 5, and Chloe - I bought myself a bottle of the latter last week to celebrate some good news (suspected malignancy turned out to be benign).
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I love the smell of baby powder and I have some roll-on deodorant that's baby powder scent. Does anyone know if you can get baby powder scented perfume? Maybe that Dementer line Christy talked about?

Wait, maybe I should just put on a little baby powder LOL.
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Loves Baby Soft smells like Baby Powder, it smells really good. I used to wear it.
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Tania - I love baby powder scent as well
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My baby kittens smell like that. I love to bury my nose in their fur.
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Tania, I couldn't find a baby powder scent from Demeter, but here is a webiste that lists 44 of their scents (I know angelfood cake is really light-smelling):

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I guess I am the cheap one here , most of the time I don't wear any . Some of my cats start snezzing when I wear perfume . If I wear something I use from AVON "Rare Gold" is one of them and there is a other one and cant think of the name right now . I also have a body myst spray , smell some kind of Flowers , as I said I am cheap with myself .
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Wow Christy, I can't believe some of the scents. Fuzzy navel, Pipe tobacco and Poison Ivy.
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OMG they have a New Zealand scent. I should get it - but then again, it might make me homesick!
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There is a vanilla scented perfume from VS that I've been dying to try, or at least smell. Any idea what its called and if its still around? We don't have VS stores in Canada, at least I haven't seen one yet.
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I think it's Vanille Caramel from the Essence de Voyage collection but it's been discontinued
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You could try L'Occitane Vanille (www.loccitane.com), the CSP Vanille range, Angel by Thierry Mugler and Hypnotic Poison or Addict by Dior. These are all vanilla scented perfumes (I gathered these ones from the internet).
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My standard for years has been Chanel No. 19.

I also love vanilla scents, I should look up some of those choices!
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