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How rough should Rosie be with Sophie?

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Well, they love each other(I think?).

Sophie chases Rosie through into the kitchen, then Rosie chases Sophie back through again, only Sophie can slide into places where Rosie can no longer fit anymore!!

Their getting along brilliantly, and Rosie was even giving Sophie a grooming yesterday

The problem i have is how rough should Rosie be with her?.

Theres been several occasions where their both playing, but Rosie gets a grip on Sophie like she does with her toys where her claws go in, she gives her a small bite and she 'rabbitt' kicks her, causing Sophie to cry out.

I've thrown the towel over them when she got this rough, but was i doing the right thing or am i just being over protective with her being too small?
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Rosiemac, does Rosie let go of Sophie when she cries out? I had a similar problem at first with my bigger two playing with the smaller ones, but as soon as they cried they let go and started licking them. I think they are only playing, but someone else will know a lot more than I do.
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Cilla as soon as i've heard Sophie cry out, i'm out the seat calling Rosie's name out, then she lets go. But on a couple of occasions i was there when she had her in the grip, and thats when i did the towel trick
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I think I would have been concerned as well. But, as I say, I'm no expert, it sounds as if Rosie gets carried away and thinks she's playing with a toy. I don't know what to tell you Rosiemac, I would be as at a loss as yourself, hopefully someone will see this soon.

When my two bigger ones got a bit rough I just loved the little one better and then I loved the one that had been rough, but it seems to be a lot rougher than what I experienced.
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Thanks Cilla. I thought she was just getting carried away also, but after that i know for sure she's not ready to be left with her all day while i'm at work!.

I suppose it's still new for Rosie when you think about it.

But Sophie's a fiesty little character!. If Rosie bats her with her paw she runs up to her, stands on her back legs and waves her front paws in front of her then runs off again, but always comes back for more
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I worried when my two first started playing like this. Sam would grab Bailey around the neck with his front paws, then rabbit kick at her. She would eventually break away, just by twisting out of his grasp.

I leave them to it, Bailey eventually started kicking back at Sam. I think that you need to watch for signs of really serious intent to fight, like hissing and growling. Mine are usually fairly quiet while they do this, except for the occasional squeal from the one who is "losing". Look at their ears, are they laid really flat back on their head?

If the cats are vastly different in size, then I would be more cautious, as the larger cat could inadvertantly hurt the smaller one. Sam is about 15 pounds, Bailey is about 11, but she still has her front claws, and Sam doesn't, so I think its a fair fight.

This really is how they play. I worried a lot more until I noticed that often when Bailey broke away, she would go right back to Sam and start wrestling again.
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Thats the other sign that worries me!. Rosies ears are flat when she's doing it, but theres no hissing and growling. They are quiet when their playing, but then it's as if Rosie does forget that Sophies only little?!.

And it is the size as well!.

Rosie weighs 12lb

Sophie 1.5lb!!
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I'd supervise them, then.

Kitty and Robin wrestle on the ground a lot, biting at each others' necks and grabbing with forepaws and kicking with hind, sometimes making funny mewing noises. They're always just playing, neither ever complains, and when one doesn't want to play any more they just walk away. They're quite gentle with each other, as far as I can tell anyway, and often just lay still a few moments while still gripping each other and hind paws poised to kick :P When cats really fight, they're all noise and action.

Cats can use exaggerated expressions when playfighting, like having their tail fur out. Rosie might just be playing with the ears laid back.

How old is Sophie? When she's larger and stronger, you shouldn't have to worry so much about Rosie accidentally crushing her or anything
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WEATHERLIGHT: Rosie is two years old and Sophie is only 8 weeks old.

She's a real tormentor with Rosie though!. After a few chases and playfull bats with each other, Rosie will get up to walk away, but Sophie chases after her jumps on her for more
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