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Mushroom hunting

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Do any of you love to hunt and eat wild mushrooms? I just love them! I soak them in salt water for a few hours or overnight, then dip them in egg and flour and fry them golden brown...the flavor is wonderful! This is the time of year for them and last weekend we went looking...we found a few, but most of them are not up yet...I figure if we have a few more warm days they will be popping up all over...last year we got 3 five-gallon buckets full. I gave alot of them away, and I froze up a bunch of them...you have to dip them in the egg/flour and partially cook them, but not all the way..just enought to brown them, then freeze them first on cookie sheets lined with wax paper...so they don't stick together, then peel them off the sheets and throw them in freezer baggies. When you are ready to eat them, just take them out frozen and either finish cooking them in oil, or I just microwave them, although they aren't quite as crisp that way. My stepson's mother and stepfather found so many of them last year that they took them to a restaurant in Des Moines and made almost $1,000 for them! I just love the taste of them!
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No way! I just 'tolerated' the mushrooms I had on my pizza tonight! Yuck, yuck and more yuck!

My uncle makes stuffed mushrooms on the grill. Everyone says that they are delicious, but I just can't stand the dry feeling from them, or the slimey feeling when they are on pizza's.
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I like mushrooms! My mom used to even grow some in her garden. I like them wet not crispy so I usually boil them in sauce or add to soup.
I don't gather "wild" mushrooms though, I get them in the supermarket to make sure they are edible!
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I have never eaten wild mushrooms. I never ate a mushroom when living with my parents. Even now, I don't eat them unless they are already mixed in the food I am eating.
I might love the taste but I have no desire to try them.
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You are making my mouth water Debby. I love mushrooms, (so does my babe Buttons, she eats a piece of them raw). I cook them in lots of ways and I'm going to try your recipe because it sounds great. Thanks Debbie.
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You be careful there Debby, we don't want you picking those 'magical' ones.

I'll have to try some mushrooms the way you do them - sounds yummy!
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Yes! Definitely a mushroom hunter and lover here. My mom is a bigger freak about it than me though. We hunt through 3 seasons and have so much fun. Some of my favorites are Honey mushrooms, aborted entalomas, Chicken of the woods, shaggy mane, inky caps, Oyster, shantrels, morels... oh and I know Im missing a bunch! I can never remember their names. Thats what my mom is good at. Its often more fun trying to find them and figuring out what they are than cleaning and eating them. Id say my favorite to eat are chicken of the woods. Theyre delicious when battered and fried.
I cant wait as our season here is starting! We're going out this weekend for some good hunting.
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I don't know what kind it is we find, I think it is Morel...but they are so delicious! ANother good way to cook them is to dip them in egg, and then instead of flour, dip them in crushed cracker crumbs and fry them!!
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yuck no i have never nor will i ever eat mushroom, i hate them, i hate the way they look and feel, my boyfriend could eat them till they come out his ears though lol
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your loss
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Tempura Batter deep fried (add montreal steak seasoning to the batter).
Sprinkle on grated Mozzarela cheese...

To kill for.
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OMG!!! That sounds so good! I have used Tempura batter for fish *yum* but never thought of trying it on the mushrooms!!! I'll bet it is delicious! Thanks for the tip!! I am hoping we can go look this weekend for some and hopefully be frying up a batch in a few days!
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