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Peeing problem update - at wit's end

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To reiterate, my 12 yr old Himalayan and wild cat mix has ALWAYS (since kittenhood) had a problem with urinating on carpets.
She stained all over our house then, until we moved to a place with wood floors.
All this time she used the litter boxes (there were 3 in that house) with no problem.

Later ,in the wood floored houses, she would use the box perfectly; but if a carpet of any size was introduced anywhere she would urinate on it eventually. (all the while STILL USING the box)

Now we've moved to a house that is virtually ALL carpet.
Since the move she's been confined to the (carpeted) master bedroom and its en suite bath (tiled)
In that bathroom we put in a Littermaid box, filled with Cat Attract litter. And in the bedroom attached, we have a Feliway plug-in running.
We did in short everything we could think of, or that had been suggested to us, to do.
And we THOUGHT all was well.

but last week we noticed a spot of carpet that smelled like cat urine and we cleaned it with an Enzyme odour neutralizer.
Now just tonight we noticed a wet spot on the other side of the room and naturally it was urine.

My wife is at the end of her rope with this.
And I'm not far behind.

Her food is in the room, her clean, special litter is in the room attached. The room is scented with Feliway. And nothing happened tonight to stress her out.

She's been checked by the Vet (who, by the way, said these problems are often insoluble).

ANY other advice?

I still believe she simply can not TELL carpet from litter under foot. But that's not going to solve anything.

and again, through ALL of this she continues to use the litterbox and always has.
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Have you considered contacting a veterinary behaviorist? A qualified professional behavior specialist would be my suggestion for you at this point, considering how much effort you've made on your own, though some other members may have ideas I can't think of.


Another thought - do you own this house? Is it an option for you to remove the carpet and replace it with tile or wood flooring? Smooth flooring is much better than carpet for anyone with allergy problems, and is much easier to keep clean, in addition to apparrently being your cat's preference.
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