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New Camera, New Kitty Pics!

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Well, it's been a while since I showed off my babies. And we got a new camera so I have been snapping happily away at the best subject I know of - Trent and Ophelia!

Finally caught Ophelia as a demon cat.

Ophelia in the kitty condo (trying unsuccessfully to hide from the new camera....)

Trent being bored with the whole model-cat thing.

Ophelia LOVES to snuggle with Trent!

This is a kitty blackmail picture!

See? She has a heart on her chin. Isn't that just adorable???

The ruler of the house!

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What pretty cats... I love the heart on Ophelia's chin and Trent is a handsome boy. I wish my cats would snuggle but alas they don't seem to, it's just so darn cute when cats snuggle.
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Beautiful pictures! They look like such great friends .
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Awww! What sweeties! I especially like the snuggling picture.
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What great pictures! Ophelia in the 2nd one looks like she is getting tired of being the camera's target!
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Those are wonderful pictures.
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OH they are gorgeous!!!
I want them!!!!! lol
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Awwwww Heidi their so cute!

Put a little black smudge on Ophelias nose where Rosies is and you have Sophie!!!.
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Your babies are so gorgeous, Heidi! Love Ophelias cute little heart! Boy does Trent look totally unenthusiastic about being the subject of that photo! They so adorable snuggled up together!
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I love them!!!! What a cute pictures???!!!!.....
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Thanks everyone!!

They are pretty good friends, although Ophelia gets annoyed with Trent's playing a LOT. But she forces snuggles on him when he doesn't really want to, so I guess it's fair. Ophelia looks like such a kitten next to Trent, but they are actually both 4 years old. She's just a little thing, 7.5 pounds.

Hey Susan....speaking of Sophie.....When do we get to see the little girl?????
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Yay! Trent and Ophelia pics!

That heart on her chin is soooo adorable and Trent has a beautiful coat of fur!
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Love the heart on the chin...and thanks so much for sharing, they're beautiful I can see why you love cats so much
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Both very cute- trent has such a lovely shiny coat.
My favourite is the one of them cuddling
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They are both so beautiful, love the heart, but being absolutely gone on black cats I think Trent is so gorgeous, I love the way he is looking so relaxed and self confident.
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Very cute pics
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Yay! Love the new pics of your babies
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Beautiful babies you have! They look very cute together.

Lisa & Sash
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Ooooooh a new camera how exciting! Please lets have some more photos of these two they are gorgeous!!
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Great pics of beautiful cats. I think they're both very pretty cats, but find Trent particularly impressive.
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Cute pics
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I can't believe I almost missed this thread .

What beautiful baby's you got and those are some very cute pics of them too
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