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What do members collect?

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A few years ago I started to collect British wildlife ornaments,plates and pictures.I now have a huge collection,I'll have to ask my husband for more shelf space.I really love Otters,Foxs,squirels and Owls.
Last christmas my eldest brother bought me a lovely cat ornament,so now I,m also collecting cat ornaments.
I,d love to know if members like collecting things,my daughters love collecting paper,they put it in their bedroom bins and push it down,so there's room for more

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I started collecting Beanie Babies recently. So far I have five.
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Believe it or not I stuff I have cat pictures, ceramics, books, etc...more cat things than any normal 23 year old should have :kitty5: . My sister calls me "the crazy cat lady" . But that's ok cause I love them all
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I collect stuff with cats on it or should I say people give me stuff with cats on it. I also collect Three Stooges memorabilia. I've loved them since I was a little kid.

Bubba's Mom - I thought I was the only one called "The Crazy Cat Lady". They call me that at work in the newsroom. If anyone has a questions about cats, they ALWAYS come to me. I don't mind most of the time. It's when they start out with "I have this cat..." That usually means they have a cat they're having trouble with and want to get rid of it. Now that gets frustrating.

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Well I collect stamps. I have a VERY large stamp collection that was started back in 1954 but I have not been collecting them these last few years. I have both world and US stamps. I also collect souvenir spoons and also recieve them from my kids and other family members. Have about a sixty or so of them now.
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I don't really collect much anything, though the extended family wishes I did so it would be easier for them at birthday and Christmas!

The only thing I have more than one of is wooden Christmas trees. They are all green with no ornaments and a gold or yellow star on top. I started a few years ago at Target because I could get 3 as a decoration for less than $15 and now I pick up new ones when I see them. There are a few odd ones: one is plaid flannel soft scupture, one is white and gold (from mom-in-law), one is covered in actual pine needles. They look lovely around the living room from Thanksgiving to Epiphany.
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I used to collect post cards, paper napkins (nice ones), pencils (nice ones,too), key chains, coins, old paper money, stamps until he end of high school. Well, I used all those pencils & napkins, threw away the post cards in to the recycle bin & gave away the key chains to people, as soon as I started college (I still have my coins, money & stamps though, but didn't buy anything new recently..)

In college I started collecting post cards which had only babies on them (human babies) & all the brochures, tickets etc. of places I have been to. I had a notebook where I taped all tickets & stuff; I also wrote the date & names of people who was with me at that specific event ! I stopped doing that when I graduated from college

Now, I am always buying cat stuff, too I am also trying to put aside the USA quarters -which have different states on them you know. And that's it.. Actually, I like throwing stuff away instead of keeping
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Angels! I have Angels all over my apartment, in every room, and some in closets until I find good spots for them! :angel2:
Have yet to find any angel kitties...haven't stopped looking though!
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I collect art - mostly romantic pictures and good quality postcards I can frame, when I lived with my parents I had hundreds of beautiful postcards on a wall in my bedroom, but now I live with hubby I only have about 4 large framed pictures up, and a few postcards on the wall in the spare bedroom. I love anything romantic - you know, beautiful ladies in big gowns and men in proper suits/knights in shining armour....*sigh*......

Of course I collect cat stuff too!! (I have about 20 cat toys that have looked at, poked, and disregarded just laying in a bundle on the floor!) but apart from toys I LOVE buying them new collars and scratch mats etc, but I also collect ornaments and mugs with kittes on! (and pictures of cats, and keyrings of cats, even cat wrapping paper!! sad eh?! :laughing2 )
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Boyds Bears line of resin statues has angel kitties. They just started with them last year, and they are adorable!! YOu might want to check out their website, or get a catalogue. They are also sold in Hallmark and Card shops. Also some gift stores.

OOH please, they will be what you are looking for!!! They are adorable!!

Val :angel2: +
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I think our no 1 collectors item is going to be ornamental cats.I only have 3 at the moment,I,ve been looking for a black cat,but I,m sure I,ll find one soon.

Can i just ask,are black cats lucky?,I know all our cats are lucky and we are lucky to have them,but its just something I read a while ago.I hav,nt won the lottery yet,although I gently touch Felix with my ticket, hes probably thinking "what are you doing mother"

I think if it was true,there would be a shortage of black cats:LOL:

I,m sure you know this already,but car boot sales and charity shops are good places to find things for your collection.

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Donna- It has gotten so bad with my collecting that now anytime I even look in the direction of another "cat item" my boyfriend says "you don't need anymore cat things!", sure I don't NEED them but I WANT them
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Bubba's Mom,

If I find a new cat item, I buy it regardless of whether I have room. I'll find room. If I can't have any more live cats (for now anyway) I'll buy the chachkees (things you dust) to tide me over.

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Have any of you ever heard of 'Cats Meow'? They are flat pieces of board cut out and painted to look like houses or famous buildings. Each one has a black cat painted somewhere on it. The company is here in Ohio. Wooster I believe. They are sold in card shops and gift shops. They are less than an inch thick so they fit on top of a door frame. There is a wooden cornice or valence over my one kitchen window and I have some up there. There are trees, flag poles, schools, fences, fire stations, public buildings (excuse me) just went to check and see what all I have. Barns, even have one small piece that has a clothes line with wash hanging on it. They all have a cat painted on them.

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Oh yes I forgot to mention. They are not expensive!
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My wife collect Boyds Bears also. Resin and stuffed ones. They are all over the house!

This may seem childish, but I collect wrestling figures. I'm a huge pro wrestling fan, although b/c of my work schedule I haven't been able to watch it like I want to. I've got a closet full of them, hundreds of dollars worth. Go ahead and make fun of me now.

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Why would anyone make fun of you? If they did, that would be a shame. Everyone enjoys their own thing, and collecting is one of them. There is no judgement on WHAT you collect. As long as it makes YOU happy.

Hey, I collect miniature(tiny) stuffed bears)....

Thank you for sharing that.

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Fun topic!
When I was younger, I collected coins. I have a few collectables. For a while I was collecting snow globes, particularily Winnie the Pooh and Mickey & Minnie Mouse. I quit that because snowglobes are expensive. I have a few Winnie the Pooh collector plates. I also like the Boyd's Bears figurines!

And, Dan........ I wouldn't make fun of you. I think it's cool you have your own collection. My husband for a while was collecting Star Wars! He has tons of that stuff......

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With seven cats in our small home, it sometimes seems that what we collect is CATS! I do love teddy bears, though, and like to collect "Cherished Teddies"
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Seems to me that I now collect cats.........
Live ones, I mean - from 1 to 7 in a very short time.
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I collect, coins, Eeyore stuff, cat stuff and unicorns. My boyfriend says it is easy to shop for me, because I am interested in just about everything!:tounge2:
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I collect cat statues - the brightly painted wooden ones as well as ceramic - my whole living room is cat - all the books in the living room have something to do with cats, candle holders, etc - all cats. I also collect the cat and the bear beanie babies - Michele and I still love the bears. I also like collecting first place rosettes at cat shows - my house has wire strung in the rooms with rosettes hanging everywhere.
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Rene I also collect cat books,also guinea pig books,I can,t read enough about my pets and this lovely cat site is full of information on cats
Jugen I have a collection of sixpences,I used to love that little coin as a child.
I love hearing about what you all collect,I think I need an extention for my wildlife collection.

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I think I have some English coins in my collection.I have 4 pound pieces,2 twenty pences, 1 ten pence,1 two pence, 1 one pence and 1 five pence. I have money from the US, Malaisia, Netherlands, Mexico, China,Italy,Russia, The Bahamas,(that one was strange to find),Canada,France,Panama,Hong Kong,Checklosivia,Dutch,Polish,Cuba, and I have some I can't identify . I also have silver certificates,money from the civil war,money with red writing on it(where the green usually is) and with brown writing on it. If anyone knows anything about currency, Please feel free to email me or PM me!
(I am always on the lookout for more and different coins!)
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Jackie!!!!!! What a great thread! Thanks for starting it!!!
Dan, your wife and I would get along GREAT because my house is also filled with Boyd's Bears!!! Mostly figurines, I have been collecting the resin figurines since they came out, back in 93, so I have tons of them!!!!! I just recently started collecting the Boyd's plush bears, but I only have 16 of them, as I just started a couple years ago on them.....I have close to 100 of the Resin figurines.
Before that, I collected Cherished Teddies, so I have alot of those too! But once I saw the Boyd's Bears...that was ALL I wanted!!

Val, I was getting ready to tell Cleo about the Boyd's angel cats, but you beat me to it! My friend collects cat figurines, both the cherished kitties, and Boyds cats, and I bought her one of the angel cats for her b-day! will have to check it out...I will see if I can find a picture of one of them to post here.

For anyone who wants to see what a Boyd's Bear looks is a link that shows one of the many resin figurines that I is one of my favorites, and one of the newer ones!
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Cleo!!!! I found a picture of the Boyd's Angel cat that I gave my friend....this is just one of many cats they have, and they also have several other angel cats, not to mention they also have a whole line of angels!!

Here is the link that shows the picture of the one I gave my friend, the picture doesn't do it justice, it realy is alot cuter than it looks...

For all you cat collectors...(resin ones I mean, not real ones...:laughing: here is the link for the whole Boyd's cat collection.... There are several pages of the cats, but it starts out with the christmas orinaments. I think there is an angel ornimant also!

Here is the link for the Boyd's angels, cleo....(can you tell I am just Boyd's crazy????????
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Oh, I also forgot to mention....I collect anything with hearts on it, for my kitchen!
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Debby,the cuddly teddy bears are so cute,they make me want to start collecting them .I can see why Cleo likes the angels,their beautiful.

My two daughters have a few cherished teddies,I,ll have to start collecting more for them,they are so sweet.

Barb, I,m sorry I can,t help you out with currency,apart from my sixpences which went out of circulation in the early 70s,my only other coins are one cent,and 2 dimes.Have you tried to find a web-site on old coins,maybe there's some information that would be useful to you.

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