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Your parents' pet sayings?

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I am curious what your parents told you over and over as you were growing up? One or two sayings that they were so fond of you heard it repeatedly?

My dad would always quote the golden rule, and my mother (because I was such a clutz) everytime i hurt myself, she would say:

"It'll be well before you get married."
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My mother always used to tell me that I was too soft with people.

My grandmother, if anything went wrong always used to say "What's done is done and it can't be undone".
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On the positive side:

"Don't worry. You'll get there."

Negative side:

"Don't make me come over there."

I seemed to hear the second one more often than the first. did my kids

My folks were great. They really were.

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Dad always told me, "Ladyolseskmalos and your to young to know to much" I was a really nosey child
God how I miss hearing that from my Dad
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My mom always used to say "you've got a one track mind kiddo." She would always call me Macgillicuddy when she was mad at me or being goofy. She dosn't do that anymore...I kind of miss it.
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Well I don't know if this counts...but I was a really clumsy child and when ever I'd walk into a wall and I did a lot , my mother would say. "Way to go Grace."

She also used the old standards...If all your friends jumped off a bridge would you and Money doesn't grow on trees you know.
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Originally Posted by GrayKittenLove
She also used the old standards...If all your friends jumped off a bridge would you and Money doesn't grow on trees you know.
My dad ALWAYS said "money doesn't grow on trees" LOL! One day my parents bought a box of apples for really cheap and my younger brothers had taken some and used them for plaiyng ball with - my father got mad and said 'apples don't grow on trees!' .... errr....ummmm......he was a bit red faced when we corrected him. I guess he was so used to saying that money thing that he didn't think when he said apples.
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I had two sisters and one brother. When we were growing up and things weren't going very smoothly, my dad would say "do the best you can." And if it was an especially negative situation he would say "well, you'll just have to make the most of it." Real big help wasn't he?

Originally posted by grampngram
"Don't make me come over there."
When we were really young and misbehaving we heard that one a lot too.

IMO, it's really bad when you become an adult with your own kids and start saying things over and over...and then you realize you're repeating the exact same things your parents always said.
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My Dad: "As long as your under my roof..."

Mom: "Barbara, why do you always have to learn the hard way"

"Were you brought up or dragged up?"

And my favorite when she wanted us to get off our rear ends:
"The maid is dead!"---However, this one kind of backfired..when I was a bit older we
took a family trip to DC. At the hotel there were plenty of maids, so I said "Mom I
thought you said the maid was dead?' She had to laugh!

I truly believe when we are born, the hospital issues a booklet with standard sayings...I have no evidence, but I tell ya, it's true!
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My father's favorite saying: "An apple never falls far from a tree", which was his way of saying we were just like him. He would also sing the "I wish I were an apple on a tree" song to us all the time, but change the line to ".....then Amy would come by and take a bite of me".

My mother's favorite saying when I would ask "why" as a youngster was "cause I said so". The family joke when asked why we did something was "cause Mom said".

I miss them both.
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Mum: "Don't let it get to you, dear" -- which, since I was already riled up about something whenever she said it, only bugged me more. The situations were usually ones in which "save your energy for something that matters" or "don't sweat the little stuff" would have done just as well, if it had been her turn of phrase. Took me a lotta years to learn she was right.
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Whenever my mom was offering us stuff and we kept saying no, this is what she'd say:
You want chips?
You want licorice?
You want a kick in the head?

Then we'd all laugh. It was her way of telling us to hurry up and choose something. I miss that.

Or when a bully was picking on me she would always tell me "Just tell them they have cabbages in their freezers and they'll be so stunned you'll have time to get away." Ya, that didn't work.

My friends mom could be heard saying:

She didn't like swearing.
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How funny! My dad was the one that repeated stuff.

If we were doing something and he thought we were going to get hurt, he would tell us: You're going to break your neck! (It drove my brother and I nuts!)

If we had to do something we didn't want to do, or didn't get what we wanted it was "Well, it's better than a stick in the eye" (Well, um, yeah)

My mom always said -- If I have to come over there. . .

Her other one is one that I use myself now with little kids. When my brother or I would fall down and make a big production about being hurt, she'd let us cry a little and then ask "Are you gonna die?" We'd say no and that would start us calming down. I do it now to my friends' kids!
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One of my dads favourites was 'were you born in a barn' if we left doors open.
We also got the 'money doesnt grown on trees' routine as well.
The MOST infuriating one is 'if it makes you happy' when you just know they dont agree with whatever it your going to do.grrrrrr
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I always got Its only funny till someone puts an eye out! from Mom.
Dad's favorite saying was Did you go to school Stupid? Our response was always Yeah, and I graduated Stupid It became a running joke we still use to this day!

I also heard alot of If so+so jumped off a bridge, would you jump of that bridge?
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My Grandmother always says, "Oh well, that's the way the mop flops", meaning that's just how life is.

When I do a job for her that I think is OK but she doesn't, she says, "Well, a blind man would be glad to see it."

One I heard today was, "Do it yourself. Are your hands painted on?"
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Well, when they're sober and not high on coke they would say the normal stuff like "I love you" and "How was school"; stuff like that.

When they were drunk and/or high they would say stuff like...

1. "Shut up"
2. "Get out of my house"
3. "You're just a kid, you don't know :censor::censor::censor::censor:" (This one was easy to ignore. My IQ disproves it)
4. "You're lazy"
5. "I wish you had never been born"
6. "You ruined my life"
7. And my personal favorite..."You're just like your father." This was from my mom...I was raised by her and my stepdad.

Also, one week out of every year until I left home they would spend a whole week sober, but be emotionally abusive to me and be nice as pie to my younger brother. I never understood why and it made me a nervous wreck until the day I left home. It happend at a different time every year. There was no warning, no anything.
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My family is Jewish and my mom loves saying yiddish phrases. When i keep bothering her about something she always says "Don't be a knogeadick,be a minch" That always bugs me and makes me laugh at the same time...
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From my dad: "In my neck of the woods this is called...."

My mom: (to get me move my rear end) "The maid is on vacation"
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Most of the saying that my folks said are not appropriate for the site, but they sure are funny! My favorite that my Mom always said was "I can't look at your a$$ and read your mind!". That one still cracks me up! Or when she was having a brain fart at something she'd say "Looks like I had my head up my butt, looking out my bellybutton again!". That woman cracks me up & boy do I miss that!
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Originally Posted by Kumbulu
My Grandmother always says, "Oh well, that's the way the mop flops", meaning that's just how life is.

When I do a job for her that I think is OK but she doesn't, she says, "Well, a blind man would be glad to see it."

One I heard today was, "Do it yourself. Are your hands painted on?"
Makes me think of one that's not in my family, but my husband's: "What's the matter? Got a piano tied to your leg?" to someone being lazy or expecting someone else to make the effort.
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LOL Mine is pretty easy My mom used to tell me atleast 4-5 times a day.....Your Grounded,Go to your room, and after a while it became.....Give me your phone......gee you'd think I was a bad kid LOL......I just didn't like school and got bad grades.

My dad on the other hand used to tell me
"you're gonna be something someday"
"you're gonna be a beautiful women"
"you know you can talk to me"
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When I ask mum to make me a sandwhich or something she'll say "What did your last slave die of". I love sayings!
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Oh and if I ask her what we're having for dinner she'll say "Wiggwom and a gooses bridle" or something along those lines LOL. and if I ask her "why" she'll say Y is a crooked letter and Z' is no better!
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My parents used to say some weird hickish things.

Dad would say:

"Were you born in a barn?"
"You make a better door than a window!"
"That smells like a whore in heat!"<--this to describe heavy perfume

Mom would say:

"Jesus Christ on a crutch!"<--I got in trouble when I asked her why Jesus was on a crutch.
"That's slicker than snot!"
"You keep that up and one of you's gonna get hurt!"<--I have found myself saying this to my cats over and over again.
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