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16-year-old boy 5'75"?

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I'm posting this at the request of my 16-year-old nephew. He was always on the short side - his dad is 6' 2", and his uncle, my husband, is 6', after shrinking from 6'1" (he'll be 52 in August). Every time I see Erik, he's grown a couple of inches, but he has a sort of inferiority complex, because his best friend, also 16, is 6' 8". My sister's son. whom he has contact with, is 15, but is a hulking 6'3". Can anybody relate stories of teenage boys who grew several inches after the age of 16? I don't find 5'75" "short", but I can understand that he's a bit oversensitive.
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There is a test, that can be done, to ensure that he is growing properly. All that it involves is an X-ray of his hands. My youngest brother had this done and it showed that he was two years behind in his growth. By the time that he was 20, he had hit about 5" 10". Different kids get their growth spurts at different times. Generally, boys don't even finish growing, until they're 20 or 21.
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5.75 is definitely not short. My son is 5.5. and stopped growing, and he is a very happy person. Please tell your nephew not to worry. In my experience a lot of teenage boys grow 16 - 18 years of age, but also some into 20 - 21.
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My other half is 5ft 7 or 5ft 8ish, your nephew sounds about average height, his friends are just tall for their age.
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I would have thought about 5'8 is fairly average for a bloke. I think his friends are exceptionally tall.
I think its true that boys dont generally stop growing until their early 20's so he has a while to go yet.
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That's not short at all!. To me that's an average height, and to grow until you hit your 20's rings a bell with me also.

Tell your nephew he's a good 6" taller than me!
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A question:

If several children (ranging in age from 3 to 15 yrs) have been deprived of food and are much smaller than normal for their age, but are then placed in an adoptive home & fed well, is it possible for them to reach normal size, or will they always be smaller than normal?
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I can only go for the experience of one boy. I adopted my son at the age of 3 & 1/2. He is only 5.5 now and stopped growing a while ago. I think the first three years are very important, but of course genes play a part too.
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Originally Posted by tulip2454
I would have thought about 5'8 is fairly average for a bloke. I think his friends are exceptionally tall.
I think its true that boys dont generally stop growing until their early 20's so he has a while to go yet.
OMG! I love the word "bloke". And I think its sounds sexy the way Brits say it.
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My sweetie, Bill, claims to be 5'7". However, I am 5'6 1/2" and when we are both barefoot and face-to-face, I can see straight over his head. He won't stand still, for an accurate measurement but, I guess that it doesn't really matter.
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i dated a guy inn college who grew about 5 inces in 3 years we were dating (age 20-23). Men get a later growth spirt that women do not get.
Tell him that alot of women are attracted to me who are not tall. Me especially. I always say that I only date shorter guys. My man now is about 5'8" and I love it.
I think that your nephew just feels short because he is around exceptionally tall people all the time.
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Well My Best Friend's Little Brother was always Shorter then me up until his 20th birthday. I useally only see him maybe once or twice a year. I was invited to his birthday celebration. and upon entering the house I found a once 5'9-5'10 boy, had turned into a 6'0- 6'1 man. I was shocked! See I stand 5'9 and he was an easy target to pick on growing up. more so as he became a teen because I took the mean older sister roll and used to "beat" him up. He was an evan target for my height and build.
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I used to tell my son "They pack good things in little packages".
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I'm 5'8" and I feel pretty much in league with the "average" guy on the subway. I don't feel particularly short and I don't feel tall.

Clothes can be a little annoying -- I am a bit stocky (I was pretty athletic when I was younger) so I have a thick neck (16.5), back and chest (42), but have a 29-inch length for my pants. Standard when you buy clothes seems to be 32" -- everything I try to buy seems to be made for overweight men with big stomachs or men with longer legs.

Other than that, I've dated women from 5'2"-5'10" and it's been fine. I'm not too thrilled when the taller women wear high heels, though. It's somewhat embarassing as a man to have to stand on your tiptoes to kiss your date.

But most women seem to be 5'2" - 5'6", which I consider very compatible with my height at 5'8", so it's generally not an issue.

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Erik's problem seems to be that at 5'71/2" he feels like a "shrimp" next to his best friend. He was 5'5" at Christmas 2002, which means he's definitely growing. Last year the school doctor said he wouldn't top 5'7", and he already has. I don't know - I usually figure girls stop growing around 16, and boys around 18. I guess height is just a big thing to him at this age.
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I found pictures of my dad's high school basketball team. One year he is a chubby short guy, the next picture, one year later, he is the tallest and skinniest on the team. He grew over a foot in one year and stands at 6'3"...There is hope for your nephew. My son is 7 and measures 41" tall. I know how sensitive they are about being smaller than their friends and family. My boyfriend is 6' 4" and he didnt get that tall until he hit 18. His Sophmore year of highschool he was 5' 9". So there is still hope for him!!
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My hubby is 6'3 and I am only 5'1 - which is a pain in the neck - literally! I often get cricks in my neck because I have to look up to him whenever I want to kiss him or talk to him - also when he hugs me, he leans forward which is bad for my neck also - hence, its a pain in the neck. I love him, but sometimes I wish he was shorter!
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Originally Posted by Abby7625
My son is 7 and measures 41" tall.
What is the normal height? My son is 3 years old and he is 42" tall.
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I'm 5 feet tall and my fiance is 6"4...but then he's Native American. They are all tall!
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What is the normal height? My son is 3 years old and he is 42" tall.
around 48-50 inches I believe. It's cute because everyone in his class is a good head taller than him and he is the oldest in the class.
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