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Poot little Beep

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Please can help my poor little Beep? Beep is a long haired, 8 month old, castrated little lad. He was involved in a car accident on Friday night and I found him in the lounge first thing on Saturday morning. He looked very sorry for himself and I immediately realised that he was hurt. I rushed him to the vets and to cut a long story short he had a pin put in his hind leg leg, with a fixator on the outside and had the ball removed from his hip because it kept dislocating. He stayed at the vets just one night, while his two litter sisters stayed at home waiting for him. When he came home, I put him straight into a rest pen. He is fine, but his sisters now seem to hate him. They hiss at him and wont go any where near his cage. What can I do? Will they ever get on again? Why are they acting like this?
I got all three of them from the no kill cat shelter that I work at. They were feral, but came into the shelter at about 3-4 weeks of age and are now the friendliest of cats, who used to spend all day playing together, until little Beep was injured.
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Poor little guy!

His sisters are most likely reacting that way because he smells different, like the hospital now, and cats rely heavily on smell. If you can, try separating them until the girls calm down - put them in a different room from little Beep.

Take a soft cloth, and rub it gently all over each of the sisters, then rub it (gently!) over Beep, and then rub it on the sisters again. This will help them adjust to the new smells. You can also help by dabbing a tiny bit of vanilla extract at the base of each cat's tail, and under each cat's chin. This will help them to all smell similar.

After they've had a chance to calm down, you can try to reintroduce them, but watch them closely and separate them again if they react negatively, since the poor guy's already been through so much stress.

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I would think the other cats can still smell the anaesthetic on poor little Beep. It will probably take a few days for him to smell his usual self. But more experienced people than I will come to your aid. Hope he soon gets better.
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