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Humungous Sized Litterbox

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I need advice. My oldest male Casey (6) is rather "stocky" (but he's my little loooooooove muffin

I have 6 boxes for 7 cats and they all seem to be a little tight when Casey goes in. Does anyone have a suggestion for a larger box (I also have a "Booda" box that is 7 years old). I'd like to get him a bigger box with a lid on it so he isn't so cramped.

Would appreciate any feedback.

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Hey Donna, I have 2 big kids and they fit into the extra large covered litterbox just fine. They go for about $25.00.

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I went out just to look. Petco has this "Catty Corner" litterbox that has it's own sifting tray. It's big, odd shaped and you don't have to scoop, just pull the handles up on the tray and it sifts out the poops. The Booda boxes were only $19. I don't know how much this one was.
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You can use a rubbermaid storage container for a litter box if you can't find a big enough "real" litter box.
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I thought about doing that, buying one of those 19 gal.tubs with a cover.

Thanks for the advice.

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I found a litter box for inside dogs (go figure?) that was much larger than the biggest litter box for cats I could find. It was about $14 and has proven to be excellent for my big cat. The material is a better grade plastic and is very very easy to clean. Hope this helps!
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I have 2 kitties & use 1 large litter box.
I use a storage box, the type that is used to store things in & can be stacked or slide under a bed. You can get them in different sizes.
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I use the big plastic Sweater Boxes you can get from Wal-Mart.They are made by Rubber Maid. They are called Rough Totes. They work real good if your kitties are tall.Or large. They have plenty of room to turn around to. God bless the USA
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I found a "Jumbo Giant" Van Ness box for $15 at Petco. I bought two of them and Casey has plenty of room. Thanks for all the suggestions.
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For a suitable heavy-duty, economical, plastic box, go to a builders supply such as Home Depot and get a concrete mixing try for about $5. They are about 8" deep and come in two sizes: large and very large. They are also great for the back of the car, the front or back porch, the laundry room. etc. Dan
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