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I dont know what this could mean

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My wife and I locked my little buddy out of our room last night. He usually sleeps in our room BTW. This morning I went to take a shower then came back in my room. I heard a wierd noise in the living room and went to check up on my little buddy. The wierd noise was comming from him, he was growling and meowing, while licking himself. I picked him up to see what's up and he hissed at me. This is the first time he ever hissed at me, and I didn't do him anything. I started to pet him and he kept meowing. I took him into my room and petted him on my bed. He was still meowing. (He almost never meows when we are around. He only meows when he running around being silly). So I put him on our cupboard cuz he likes it up there. he started to growl and meow again. So I went to take him down and he was snapping at me. (he ususally snaps at me when we play, I allow him to bite me because it doesn hurt, he never bites my wife BTW, He only bites males he's familiar with for some reason). I dont know what could be the problem, he has never acted like this. He was always just an extremely relaxed cat. Everyone who saw him alway comments about how relaxed and approachable he is. I hope this isn't something serious. I hope this is not some kind of behavior change. He is 9 months now BTW.
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Take a look around your house & see if there's anything he could have gotten into.

Sudden behavior changes are often a sign that there may be something medically wrong - I'd suggest you get him to the vet, to be safe.
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Hey tuxedokitties, my little buddy is a tuxedokitty as well. i dont think he could've gotten into anything. we called the vet and he said just said to monitor him.
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Such behavior usually indicates something is wrong with the cat. He could have injured himself when he got upset by being locked out of a room he was used to being in? Or he could have just gotten into something. I would take him in for a routine check if it were me.

Just curious, if he sleeps with you all the time, why did you lock him out?
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Tuxedos are special.

If you get him checked out at the vet & he's OK, it's possible something may have upset him - sometimes seeing or smelling another cat outside, or even strange noises on TV will cause a cat to become upset & redirect his aggression at you.

Try making sure he has a quiet place he can go to get away & calm down, & close the blinds if you see another cat outside.
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Maybe he was jjust upset with you for the change in sleeping arrangements.

Also, the first thing I thought of when you said he was meowing when licking himself was what Hissy mentioned to me once when Dori had her tail pulled to watch for excessive licking as a sign of a broken bone.
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well I have some bad news. it's not just a tantrum. The vet said it may be urinary tract infection. I am very very concerned. he was acting like that because he didn't want to be touched when he's in pain.
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I am glad you took your baby to the vet and they did find out what was wrong. Poor thing he must feeling awful I hope he starts feeling better soon.

Oops, you said he thinks it might be, I hope he finds out what it is soon so he can start getting better.
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Originally Posted by squirtle
I am glad you took your baby to the vet and they did find out what was wrong. Poor thing he must feeling awful I hope he starts feeling better soon.

Oops, you said he thinks it might be, I hope he finds out what it is soon so he can start getting better.
Thanks 4 your concern. How bad is urinary tract infeciton? What exactly is it? Is there sergury involved?
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Untreated very serious, even potentially deadly. But treated, it is usually a round of antibiotics from the vet and the cat is good again. UTI can be caused by the animal stressing out. It is advisable not to change routine on him if you don't have to. In other words, let him sleep with you as he normally does- and keep everything pretty much the same.
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Did the vet give you medicine??
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Glad you got him to the vet!

Treatment for the UTI can vary, depending on what the issue is - he'll probably get medicine and possibly a special diet, unless there's something else going on too. Be sure to follow the vet's instructions carefully, monitor his litterbox use, and notify the vet of any unusual behavior or litterbox straining. And of course, try to keep his routing the same & avoid stress, as Hissy said.

One of my cats just had surgery for bladder stones (he's much older, though), so I know it's stressful for you and for your kitty. Sending healing thoughts
Keep us posted!
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Man you guys are soo good. very good people. Thanks for your concerns. The vet perscribed him some medication and a specific diet (my wife told me). I now know why he's hissing and growling, it's like he gettin mad at the pain he's feeling. He's a little warrior. He doesnt cry/whine very much. When he wants you to let go for instance he'll give a little mew just to let you know, if you dont listen he will reach out and bite. So for him to act this way had me really, really concerned. Still I am not happy to find out why he's acting like that. I ask for your prayers for my little buddy. Thanks for your support.
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Just a suggestion, but until he feels better, don't pet him or hold him. Let him just rest, let the medications run their course and soon he will back to his normal self again.
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Glad you got your buddy to a vet and diagnosed! He should start to feel better soon, but even if he does - make sure he gets ALL the meds the vet prescribed, even though he might be feeling better. If you don't the infection may come right back, and possibly worse! We wouldn't want that!
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It gonna be hard not to touch him and play with him. I actually look foward to going home and playing with him. I know what you mean though by not touching him. He is tender to the touch, I realize that now. And I will be sure to give him all of his medication. I know how antibiotics works and I wouldn't want whatever he's got to get worse.
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