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Please take notice!

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With the ease of internet ordering for flea products, please take a moment to review this website and stay fully informed for the sake and safety of your cats!

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Thank you so much for providing such a usefull info!!!
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Oh, my!
Thanks for the alert.
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Thanks for that Hissy. I use frontline for my cats and it could be happening here too.
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Wow..thanks Hissy!!!

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Thanks Hissy
The name may be new but this is Charlie KittenKrazy Hubby
I aked our vet about ordering from 1800PETMEDS He said he would not
give RX for thier products because they are inported and have US standards.
WE use Revolation because Frontline does'nt work on 2 of ours. THe vet does not
carry Revolation so we have to drive about 6 miles to next vet to get it.
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Thanks for that MA, it's such an important warning.
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Thanks, Mary Anne. I just emailed that address to some family and friends.
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Last year I ordered some Advantage from an online store. When I received it, it was packaged for another country and I was afraid to use it. I sent it back and they did give me a refund. I would be really cautious about buying flea meds online. The package didnt look quite like the one I got from my vet so I knew something wasnt right about it.
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Can we have an area dedicated to stickys for these types for health warnings/concerns? I personally think it's quite important to keep info such as this at the forefront for allcomers to read.
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