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3 month old kitten has seizures. Need help

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I have two permanent 'fosters' that I got from our local Humane Society when they were 3 weeks old. They are now 3 months old. Max, the boy, had to have his tail amputated when he was about 5 weeks old because of a severe deformity.

Chloe, the girl, is now 3 months old too. When she was about 8 weeks old she started to have seizures. My vet started her on Valium which we gave her. Then it was discovered she had an ear infection. She was on antibiotics for 12 days and it cleared up. We tried to wean her off the Valium and she was off valium for about 36 hours before she had another seizure.

I saw my vet yesterday and she only weighs 1 lb 12 oz. She is always sleeping, not at all active. She eats very well however. Vet said she has little muscle mass and she's too small to do any real tests. He did tests for FELv and toxoplasmosis which were negative. He said he couldn't get enough blood out of her to test for other things.

Does anybody here have experience with seizures? I would like to know all I can. From personal experiences its always better I think.

Thank you!
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You know, I dont have any personal experince, but work for a vet. There are a handful of things that can cause this. In cats, it's usually FELV,FIV or FIP. 3 months is really too young to check for these things. There is also a problem with the liver that can cause this. Of course she is still so young. Have you talked to your vet about phenobarbital yet?
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No, we are just in the beginning stage of this. He said he's never had a cat that had seizures and is not very familiar with this.

I will suggest this to him when I talk to him on Friday with an update of Chloe. Can you give me some more information on this medication? Maybe a link?

Thank you so much for responding!
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This will give you some info on the medication.
Have you thought about looking into finding a vet you can work with that knows a little more? Also, I am not sure, but is there a teaching hospital or university near you?
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