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women - you have to love them....

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As you know, I am on vacation a week on saturday and wont be around - am off to Wales for a week. Also, in June I am taking Carol (my wife)to Monaco for the chief executives awards that I am getting following the database I created for work.
Anyway, even though its been a heck of a week for us following the loss of Brandy, we went to Hull yesterday to have a mooch around and see what there was. We are aware that on the 2nd night in Monaco, this is the huge event where we are at the private collection of Prince Rainier III collection of vintage cars. Carol wants a dress naturally for this.
We decided that a gold dress would be best as she has golden hair and this would compliment each other.
We were not looking but suddenly my wife stops dead in her tracks and calls me back.
There was a dress, exactly like what we had talked about and in we went. As luck would have it, it was the only one she had ever had in and also, was in her size.
We went in the shop and were met by the most wonderful woman and advised of what we were doing and where we were going. She told us that she had lived in Monaco for a few years and that the dress would be ideal. I appreciate that naturally, she wanted to sell the dress, however, it turned out to be an extro-ordinary half hour.
Whilst we were talking, the lady prooduced two glasses of wine, some coke for our son and drawing things and talked about Monaco and Monte carlo in great detail. You knew she was genuine and the wine was very nice.
Then it was carol's turn who went in and tried on the dress. When she walked out of the changing room and looked half at us all I gave her the glass of wine and I swore i am ashamed to admit. I never say a particular naughty word but it just came out as she looked absolutely stunning. My breath was gone as was the woman, as was half the people in the shop. She was more stunning than I had ever seen her before and I confess to having tears in my eyes. I even told her that she had made Princess Grace proud and that woman was beautiful.
Some glitter stuff was added by the lady and then we looked at the price. Well, I got some overtime this month in my pay and if I cant spend it on my wife and son, then its no use at all. I just paid for it, brought some shoes and a bag and to heck with the amount it cost. Shes worth it in my eyes.
She showed her mum it last night as we called on the way home and again, when I see her in it, it takes my breath away.
Cant get the picture out of my head of her in that dress, its hanging in the spare room and cant wait to see her in it again. She keeps putting it on as she loves it so much.
Apologies for this being so long, even in the worst weeks, someone has a way of looking down at you and making you smile.
For me, I adore my wife even more now than when I married her 8 years ago and forever will. She will make me so proud on that night I collect my award and not one day of the last 10 years i could have done any of it without her.
Women - you have to love them....
wondering should I really feel like this about my wife- I just had to share it with someone??
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I feel that you are fully justified with your feelings, and that anything less would actually be somewhat concerning.

You are a lucky man to have found a companion such as she. Perhaps you can get her to model for a picture, and post it for all to see your lovely wife?

Congratulations also on the award.

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Kev that is really beautiful. Treasure every moment for many many years.
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We would love pictures of you in your tux and your lovely wife in her stunning dress!
That is probably the sweetest thing I have ever read by a man about his wife. She is a lucky woman!
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What u sharing with us is wonderful, kev! God bless you and your wife! I hope you will never forget about THAT feeling you had in that Monaco shop and every time you would get into little disagreement with your wife- you'll just pull up that image in your head! So things will go even better!
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now this was a thread worth reading , Bravo! your wife is a lucky woman
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What a wonderful story...your wife is a lucky woman...
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What an absolutely amazing story, your wife Carol is a very lucky woman, but I am sure she knows that.
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Absolutely you should!!
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Have a look at the hotel where we are staying - just received the package.

Carol has not come down from the ceiling yet!

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Kev..That was a wonderful story..so full of mutual love and respect...BRAVO! Just a thought, when/if you do decide to get another kittie, perhaps you should name her Golda or Goldie, or Grace. Or if you get a boy, Kelly or Monaco...this way you will have immortilized the beautiful moment in the dress shop! Yes let's see a pic of your wife in the dress!
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Reading your post brought teats to my eyes. Your wife is one lucky woman! And from what I read you are just as lucky!

Congrats on your Award!
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