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Anyone up for a mS Paint Thread? (Drawing)

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If you are not familiar with MS Paint...Click on Start, Accessories, and then click Paint. This will bring up a palett to draw a picture on your computer. Draw the pic and then save it somewhere on your computer and post it here

Let's draw pics of cats playing with their favorite toy.. I will start: This is Peaches playing with her favorite toy...her brush
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What a fun idea! hehe I haven't played with MS paint in years and now I remember why....I really stink at it :P

Here is my pathetic attempt at Cali, Chase and Winnie playing with their ceiling to floor cat tower (only $30 at Walmart and probably the best cat related investment I've made!)

Who's next?

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That's pretty good!!! Wow $30 for a full size cat tree!
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There have got to be some brave souls out there that want to participate in this thread besides us! hehe Come on guys, it's fun....just like coloring as a child.

We promise we won't laugh...much

And yes, $30 if you can believe it! It's tension mounted and covered in carpeting and my cats absolutely ADORE it! I'm thinking about picking up another 1 or 2 the next time I'm in Walmart just to keep them on hand for the day that this one dies. So far this one has survived 4 cats for a number of months...and that's a great bang for the buck in my opinion.

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Hee Hee as soon as I get off work I'm going to get started on mine for this thread Whoooooo Hoooooo Fun time
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I'm going to enjoy this thread - but please don't expect me to participate. I don't have an artistic bone in my body, despite having had a grandmother and aunt who were professional artists, a brother who studied art and art history, and won all sorts of awards, and a niece whose caricatures would make it into any magazine or newspaper (instead she's had short stories and poetry published)! I can draw a mouse, period. My students laugh when I try to draw something on the board.
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I can't paint or draw, to prove it I went into paint and created 'a cat', I saved it in my documents but it won't let me post it, everytime I try to post it I get thrown out of the forum. Never mind you haven't missed anything.
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This is one that I drew last time there was a MS Paint contest. I am going to start on a new one in a little while. But I just had to show this one again. This is The Sammycat hanging out in the window, only I had to make him gray so you can see the features.
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Here is the old thread with all the talented artists who participated.

Ginger, I am planning on having another contest further into summertime for the board. I love this type of creativity on the board, it is always fun. But just to let people know, this thread is NOT a contest at this time. The May contest is the Litter Pan Makevoer
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I love this idea of a thread, but will stay as an observer for now. I have never tried drawing in the computer, and also, I only have a laptop, so I can imagine the drawing with the "mouse" on it wont be easy. I guess a regular mouse would work better (I mean a regular computer- mouse! )

Maybe, if I try someday, I will show you my results, I´m sure that will provide some laughs!
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What a cool thread!!!
I have been trying my hand at 'designing' a pick...but so far havent come up with anything passable...they are all SO hopeless!!!!
But I'll keep trying!!! lol
EXCELLENT pics so far you guys.....! How did you do this??????!!!!!! I'm SO impressed!
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Can you guess who these munchikins are? lol

The lines got a bit messed up in the attaching process.. it did look just a tiny bit better..not much, but a little
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Jeepers is a bit greyer than usual cuz there aren't enough shades of brown in paint.
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Oooh! I love Jeepers' cat tree!
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Aaaaaaaargh. I know i'm no Picasso, but you should have seen the state of mine compared to you budding artists!!

I'll put some practice in!
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Here is something i painted with MS Paint when I had way too much time left (klick on it to view larger version):

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Awww Jeepers looks like he is wearing cat jewelry!
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