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Baby food like chicken or turkey eat most cats and for sure is a good and great idea . When Ginger my Persian cat was very sick and did not want to eat I got the chicken and turkey baby food (with out garlic and onion please )and she did eat
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I forgot to say that if he don't poop , maybe it is b/c he is not eating in order to do the #2 . But the vet is always save to make sure he is not blocked up ,or something else may be wrong with your "Lil Buddy" .
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I took Lil Buddy to the vet this afternoon. His neck sore is actually worse. It has pus running from it. So she cleaned it and put a dressing on it. I hope he leaves it on. He goes back on Monday. And I need to make him take the antibiotics. But the good news. He let me hold him, and be examined. They cleaned his neck without any sedation. I am supposed to force feed him canned A/D food because he isn't eating enough. So I am going to take the little crate into the bathroom with me and feed him there. That way if he escapes from me I can get him back. But he must not be feral. He is just a stray that has at one time been used to people. So he never has to go back out on the streets again. He has so many scars. His ears are all lumpy with them. And his fur is thin. His weight is down to 9.6 from ten but that isn't too bad. We will see what he weighs on Monday when I take him back for a dressing change. I am so happy. And here I have been afraid to touch him. I have never force fed a cat before, so wish me luck. Becky
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I took Lil Buddy into the bathroom to force feed him this morning. I thought I would try just finger feeding him first. He licked it off of my finger! Then he started in on the plate and ate half a can. What a good boy. He stayed on my lap and I combed him all over. He had lots of loose hair. I petted him and talked to him. I finally put the crate up for him to crawl back into and he didn't! I had to put him back in. He shivered the whole time but we had a good interaction anyway. I forgot to give him his antibiotic, though. I will let him recover a bit then go in and give it to him. He left his dressing on, too. Becky
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Keep up the good work Becky

Curiosity on the ears though...Did the vet look for ear mites, or treat for them as a precaution?

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Well, he had a whole physical exam on Monday, under anesthesia. If he had ear mites I would think that they would have found them then. I didn't think to ask. But since he was an outdoor kitty that is certainly a concern. His ears are very battered. He has been in lots of fights. I looked at his teeth. He only has one half a canine left of his four. He needs a dental, but that can wait until he is tamer. I took him out again this afternoon and he ate the other half can while on my lap. I gave him his medicine. He hissed at my other kitty that came up during the meal but instead of stop eating he just ate faster. He has also eaten some of his dry food. So we are doing better.
I have a fan on in my bedroom that draws in outside air. He sniffed that air and wanted out. Poor baby, he wants to get away from all this caring Not a chance.

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Wow , my congrats to you , you are doing good It seems he is doing good too . It will take a while till he gets used to be a insite cat and even if he wants out after he is used to you and your lifestyle . I got Jezabel from the shelter , she was abondant (sp) and so were living on the streets befor she come to the shelter . Boy it took her a long time not to want out any more and I am sure if I would just open the door for her she may still would get outsite after having her now over 1 1/2 years . But don't give up , you are doing a great job
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Poor Lil Buddy. He had a bad day. The vet and I have been trying to come up with some type of dressing for his neck but without success. He went on Saturday, yesterday and today. Today the vet decided to use a liquid bandage that requires me to wash his neck twice a day and dry it and apply the drops. Buddy was pretty patient with me. I ran a sink of warm water and held him over it while I swabbed his neck, then dried it and applied the medicine. Then I sat down to pet him and he, the little trooper that he is, started to wash himself while on my lap! I know it must hurt to wash that wound but he is such a good boy. He is still very afraid and shakes when I hold him. But he stopped shaking while he was bathing himself on my lap. He is still in the crate all the time. If I accidently walk in while he is out of the crate he runs back in. He isn't eating very well but he will take food off my finger so I am getting a half to a can of a/d into him daily and his weight is back to what it was when he was neutered. He is ten pounds but seems pretty skinny to me. He hates his antibiotics, drools after them. I haven't given them to him yet today because I hate to be so mean to him but I will give them before bedtime. I am so glad I found him, I really like this guy. I hope after his neck heals he will like me, too. Becky
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Becky..thank you sooo much for caring for Buddy and giving us updates. I'm also soo glad that Buddy found his way to you...because he is a very LUCKY cat. I hope his wound heals soon.

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Did the vet shave the area around the wound?

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Yes, they shaved it last week when he was neutered. But still, there is fuzz there and dressings just don't stick very well to fuzz. Becky
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Was it a bite wound or something else?

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We aren't sure what it is. There is lots of scar tissue around it so it was bigger and has healed some. It could have been an abscess or it could have been from scratching, although he doesn't have ear mites. He did have a horrible flea infestation, though so it could have started with that. It is now a chronic wound that is infected so the antibiotics may help, too. Becky
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Everything I have ever dealt with involving CBA (Cat Bite Abscess) usually the really nastily infected ones, has involved surgically opening and draining the wound, then cleaning it throughly, then depending on the amount of damage required to completely clean the wound, it was closed back up as necessary.

HOWEVER every single time there was a means of allowing the tissue to drain while it was healing...so I would be a bit concerned with using the invisible bandage stuff over the full wound...especially if it is still weeping some.

That said though, it is extremely important to keep the wound clean while it is healing, and also to reinforce the immune system for the infection with antibiotics.

Usually cats manage to keep themselves relatively clean, however on large wounds, their barbed tongue can sometimes work against them by reopening the healing wounds.

Is it still all puffy, and red(irritated)?

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Becky, you are doing so great! It really is amazing - you'd think they' be so happy to be loved, and all they want is what they know. "We fear change!", I think, is one of the mottos of all cats.

Bottom-line - he knows he's being cared for and that you are his caretaker. No two ways around it. His behavior in the bathroom confirms this. He's scared, but as you know that's normal. Honestly, I really can't believe how well it is going, especially with the force-feeding and the meds and the vet visits!

One thing, though you may already know this. Wash his litter pan and clean it with bleach. Ammonia smells like pee to cats.

Buddy sure is one lucky kitty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This wound isn't through the skin. It is as if a layer of skin is removed about 3x6 cm in area. It's not where he can reach it with his tongue. When I clean it, it oozes blood, which is a good sign because it means there is good tissue there. It did have pus oozing too, but now that is gone and it is just the clear pink wound fluids, except when I clean it. My gut feeling is to clean it less often even though I was instructed to do it two to three times a day. But it doesn't appear infected at all anymore. I think I will call the vet tomorrow and ask if once a day is enough. It hurts him to have it cleaned. I think.
I just spent awhile holding him. He still shivers. He has stopped hissing at the other two kitties when they check him out while he is on my lap. I spoon fed him his dinner. He will take it from the spoon but not bend his head to eat it from the bowl. He ate half a can that way. Maybe he feels like he can see to protect himself from attack that way. Then I gave him his medicine, he hates that, and cleaned his wound. I wonder if feeding him after the bad stuff would be better except then he might be too upset to eat much. He is really going to be a nice kitty if he can be such a good boy when he is so scared. I really like him. Sweet Lil Buddy.
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First thing...You are doing beautifully Becky, keep up the good work and keep talking to us.

Lil Buddy sounds like a prize...a Priceless one

Now on to the wound...

What/How are you cleaning it with?

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I run a sink of warm water and then use a washcloth to remove the crusts and wash off the old dressing stuff. Then I blot it dry and apply a new layer of the dressing. This is the stuff I am using:
I don't see much difference, but it has only been two days. Actually, the difference in it is that there is no more pus but that stopped before I started the new dressing. Becky
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I just found this thread and its an honour to read about what your doing - your doing such an amazing thing and an amazing job.

I am now eagerly awaiting the next update Good Lil Buddy - I am so pleased that it is going so well for you. Cats can sense the great people - and he has sensed that your doing something good for him - yes he may be scared - but so would I if put in those circumstances.

Keep up the GREAT job Becky - Buddy is lucky to have you
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Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed Lil Buddy's story. I just know he is going to turn out a sweet kitty because he is so patient in putting up with me. I also have to thank everyone who is following along and giving advice and support. It means a lot to me. Becky
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My Lil Buddy is curled up on my lap right now. He isn't tame by any means, but he puts up with me. I take him out of the cage each evening. He will stay on my lap for up to an hour now before getting restless and I put him back. He lets me pet him and is starting to turn his head to get a better spot scritched. He tucks his head into the curve of my arm on my lap and actually seems to sleep. He shivers just a little when I first haul him out of his crate. His fur is getting shiny. His neck is still bad. I am taking him back to the vet tomorrow to be rechecked. He has the most mournful meow that he only uses when he is very upset with me. Like when I take him into the bathroom, otherwise known as the torture chamber, to clean and dress his neck. He is eating all on his own now. He doesn't wait for me to leave the room any more before eating, either. He waits until I am away from the cage, though. I guess we are making progress but I wonder if I will ever hear him purr. My other kitties are used to him by now. They will sniff noses with him and Asa will even stand on his back legs to sniff at him when he is on my lap. I finally got a Feliway diffuser today to see if that will help all involved with this process. Becky
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Sounds like great Progress Becky!!

He will come around, he's come a long ways.

You are doing a great thing.

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I totally agree with Spotz comments Becky - you are doing an amazing job.
Each day comes with progress - no matter how small that is it is all leading to trust and love.
So proud of you and Lil Buddy will come around eventually. Its worth the time and patience.

Good work Becky - keep the updates coming
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Becky, you are doing such a wonderful thing for L'il Buddy. It is great how quickly he is bonding to you and you to him. He's going to make a lovely lap kitty soon.
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Becky, sounds like Lil Buddy is slowly learning to accept your love! How wonderful you are to be there for him! Happy to hear your other kitties are used to him. Please let us know how the vet appt goes tomorrow!
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Becky, I read with great interest your wonderful story of Buddy, which in all honesty brought me so much happiness, as well as sadness. The happy emotions are very obvious to understand, but the reason why I felt so sad after reading this story is that I have a very similiar situation that I have been dealing with for quite some time. I am hoping that you could offer me some insight on a few things.

I have a stray cat that I have been feeding and subsequently trying to catch for over a year. Well needless to say, I haven't been very successful, although just recently, I received great advice from forum members which I will be applying the next few weeks. Just a short time ago, I noticed the cat had a terrible wound on the side of its neck, as if a large chunk of his skin had been ripped or clawed off, leaving that area raw and extremely red. This cat has outsmarted me and my husband all this time, so we knew catching him and bringing him to the vet was not an option. As a result, I began putting anitbiotics that I got from the vet in his food, and he has been on that for approximately two weeks now. Unfortunately, his eating schedule is sporadic, but he has probably consumed it on a pretty consistent basis and I see that his appetite is increasing or where it used to be. I don't see the wound getting any better, although the large piece of skin that was hanging from the side of his head is now gone. After I read your post, I realized that my cat suffered a similiar injury and since you have had the experience of taking Buddy to the vet and caring for him, I was hoping if you could tell me if what I am doing is adequate enough to stave off further infection or else. If you or anyone else on this forum feel that I have a short window of time to get him to the vet which is obviously not a probable situation at this point in time, please tell me so that I can bypass the ordinary process of trapping him (getting him used to eating by the trap for a few weeks, etc.) and take desperate measures although I don't know what that would be, short of throwing a blanket on him or using a large net (kidding).

I would greatly appreciate any advice you or any other members could give who have experience with cat abcess wounds, etc. On a closing note, I will say that I have rarely ever heard of a person like yourself holding a feral cat in her arms to care for their wounds, or anything else for that matter in such a short period of time. I am absolutely blown away at how much patience and trust this cat has in you already. All I can say is that you are truly each other's blessings. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you will share a very, very special bond with this cat.

All my best to you. May you be blessed ten-fold for the wonderful blessings you have given to this wonderful, precious animal.

Susan aka Jesse's Mom
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Susan, more than likely it is a CBA or similar wound.

If you can keep him on the antibiotics that will definately help. The urgency is not critical, but the sooner he gets medical attention the better.

In all reality it definately needs to be cleaned, but probably also needs to be drained to accelerate healing.

I wish you the best with your trapping efforts, and hope you will keep us all posted. While it is somewhat rare that a Lil Buddy comes along, it is very common for any rescued kitty to adapt well to a domestic environment. I wish you well.

Emergency, no....Important, yes. Don't do anything drastic, but do keep trying.


PS check out http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=35752 for some really good tips
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Susan, I am certainly not an expert in feral kitties, but I can tell you about Lil Buddy. His wound may have started with an abscess but it has become a chronic non healing wound. I am sure that the antibiotics you have given your boy are helping. Maybe it will heal on its own without draining. If he is eating then he is doing well. The way I caught Lil Buddy was by feeding him in the trap for a week with the door propped open. The night before the vet appointment I set the trap and he went right in. Boy, was he upset when the door sprung. I covered it with a blanket and left it on the back porch and took him in to the vet the next morning. He must not have been completely feral to calm so quickly. He isn't tame but he certainly is adapting to this indoor life. He was very afraid when he was outside, though. He never let me near him. What I saw of him was him running away as I drove into my driveway. So there is hope for your guy. Keep trying. I got lots of advice here that really helped. Becky
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Becky, how is Lil Buddy doing today?
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He went to the vet this morning. They said it looks better, his neck that is. They also found a small cyst on his neck, under it, nowhere near his owie, that needs to be removed the next time he has an anesthesia. They will keep checking it and leave it alone unless it grows. His weight is up to 10.3, from 10. So he is doing well. He goes back on Saturday. The vet he saw today I actually like better than the one who has been seeing Lil Buddy, but she wants the original vet to see him Saturday. That is OK, I like her, too, but the one I saw today has a little more experience. Becky
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