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Drooling Cat

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Hi everyone!

My name is Michelle and I recently joined. I have a year old Abbysinnian, named Mia. She is the most precious cat in the world. Just one thing, everytime she comes to bed with me either in the morning when its time to eat or at night when it is time for bed, she has this drooling problem. You can litterally see the drool dripping from her mouth. And she soaks the blanket if laying there for a long time. Does any body have this problem with their feline? I have asked other people I know with cats, to see if they have this problem and they all think I'm crazy. Can somebody help me?

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Welcome to the site..I suspect your question will be moved to behavior or another section so that people can respond appropriately.

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Welcome to the site!

Katie is right, I'll move this to Behavior where more people familiar with an issue like this can answer you.
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My cat drools when he kneads. I also had no idea that cats drooled. I thought that only dogs did. Which is kind of silly, I guess.

My vet mentioned that if a cat has long "canine" teeth that protrude outside their mouth even when its closed, that might cause more drooling, and they may often have a wet chin. She asked if my cat drooled like that, when we were trying to figure out why the cat had an infection on her chin.

In my case, the infection was caused by something different, and is all cleared up now. But it may be worth asking a vet about.
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Welcome to the site. I would also go to the vet because drooling can be caused by a few things. Please let us know how you get on.
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I also have a cat (1 yr old) that drools - but ONLY when she's purring comfortably on our lap. I assume that's because she's happy!
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It is always a good idea with a drooling cat to take the cat to the vet for a mouth check. An abscessed tooth, rodent ulcers, and ulcerated gum or gum disease can cause a cat to drool- they also can drool when they are a happy or contented, but let a vet have a look at the mouth first just to be safe.
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Thank-you everyone for the feed back, I really appreciate it. After reading all the advice I made an appointment with my vet. I will everyone know what the outcome is.

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One of my cats drool, too. He only drools when he is very content/happy or very, very nervous, like at the vet. His isnt really drool like dogs though.. its like a dripping drool. He drips I guess He does it when hes being petted and if youre holding him you will get a wet spot on your shirt or pants.
I had the vet look to make sure his mouth was ok and it was, so we just assume its part of his sensory somehow.
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welcome to the site
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One of my cats drools unbelievably when he is petted, especially in bed in the morning. Just a couple of strokes of petting and he shakes his head to get rid of all the saliva and gives me a shower - in my face, in my eyes, you name it. (And I'd better not be talking or I'll get it in the mouth!) I've learned to cover my face with a sheet when I start petting him in bed. At least when I'm up, I have my glasses to protect my eyes. And yes, he's been to the vet and has had a recent dental cleaning.
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Hello all. My cat has been drooling for about 3 days now. Today almost constantly. I'm getting really worried. Was searching the net for any possible answers and I found you guys. Now after reading this I'm definitely taking her to the vet tomorrow.

Thanks for the info.
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