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My poor cat...

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When i got back from my vacation from florida, the catsitter (my grandmother) left a note saying that she hasnt seen my cat cleopatra since saturday. it was tuesday and we still havent seen her, and if she was here, she isnt eating. she ran away maybe because we wernt there or we think she was pregnant and she had her kittens outside somwere. we pray that she ok and will come back to. please pray for her to.
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Awww....Hopefully she will return.

Best wishes, and highest Hopes...

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Oh I hope she returns soon and you can move this post from Crossing the Bridge into a positive thread
Sending out positive 'come home vibes'
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Catman, I moved you from Crossing the Bridge, because you cat is lost at this point and has not passed on.

Please take a look at this article, perhaps you will find the right tools to bring your cat home

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Come on home Cleopatra, you're Dad needs you home!
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I do hope Cleopatra comes home soon. Good vibes coming your way.
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Come home, girl!
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Hoping your kitty comes home soon.
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I will be praying for a save return
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please come home!!!
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