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Cats SOS forum thread titles

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Sometimes my stomach is a little stronger than others, but the animal cruelty items that pop up in the SOS forum always make me .

Would it be possible to drop a hint to posters of animal cruetly stories to make the thread titles a little less graphic? They're so awful, and the title alone can give me nightmares, having dealt directly with victims of animal abuse in the past working in an emergency vet clinic. I know we need to be aware of animal cruelty and work to end it, but it helps to be in the right frame of mind and prepared to read a cruelty story, rather than to be confronted with an awful headline when I'm just browsing the "new posts".

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Bless you. That one on cats being boiled alive made me throw up. Maybe they should have their own thread somewhere else. These are just horrible.
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I haven't even touched the stories in SOS for soo long because I don't want to think about the horrid things being done to cats.

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Showing the truth to something bad should not be prettied up. I think that titles to posts should let us know what to expect and that is good enough to prepare oneself for the shock.
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Thanks for the feedback everyone. We will bring this up for consultation among the mods and let you know of the decision.
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Sounds like a good reason to subhead again and have a "disturbing content" area so that people can enjoy the overall forum but be able to avoid the less than stellar examples of how people sometimes treat their pets. -
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Sorry for not handling this just yet. Both of the mods for SOS have been away for a while so we haven't been able to handle this just yet.
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I must admit, i have to think " should i look/should i not? ". And it's only afterwards that i wish i hadn't

I've even had to stop going into Rainbow Bridge because it upsets me so much , but i feel so guilty because i should be there for those people as i know they will be there for me, but i really do get upset
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The only topic I saw that I remember really bothered me was the 'Cats Boiled Alive' thread. That conversation went on for days and I kept seeing it under new posts so eventually I gave in and looked. I couldn't read it all or look at the pics because it was so awful.... But then gave in a posted a few times I wonder if there is just a way to block the threads in a certain area of the forum from showing up under new posts? Like some setting that would block Cat SOS titles from popping up for each person individuallly if that is what they wanted......
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I do try to make a warning for sensitive people when I post something in there .
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I guess we should all put 'Warning Disturbing' as part of the subject and try to be less graphic.
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Originally Posted by jeeperscat
I guess we should all put 'Warning Disturbing' as part of the subject and try to be less graphic.
I agree

In the beginning I had no clue and was not thinking some one may could get hurt in a sensitive way till a while back a member here said something and ever then I was aware of it and try to be sensitive to that .
In that one link I post where it show very cruel pictures of the above mention thread I had no warning and were looking . If there would have bin a warning in my email I never would have look into that link and would have save a good night sleep on that day and would have delete the email . But it seem fitting to post the link in that thread , it was just all in a lot of shocking pictures .
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Thank you all for taking care of this. I know I am a wimp when it comes to cats, but I realize that people can be cruel, very cruel. I just can't handle to see pictures of that sort. Sorry I am such a wimp.
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It is pretty disturbing to read some of the titles in the SOS forum sometimes. I remember seeing some of them on the little scrolling bar that was on the front page of the forums.

Maybe a title like...Animal Cruelty Story, Caution When Reading...would be more appropriate instead of specifying the actual cruelty that has taken place.

Thanks mods You all do a great job
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