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New to CatSite...(Question also)

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Hello! I am so glad I found this site! I have two of the best kitties (not biased at all lol). I adopted both of them from a friend when she had to move to an apartment that would not allow cats. Trouble is about 4 years old. Cracker(she is almost all white so my friend's husband thought it was a funny name) is about 3 years old. Trouble is also Cracker's aunt. I have had them for about 2 years now. I have been thinking about adopting a kitten for some time. I am not sure how my two would react. Does anyone in here have 3 or more cats? I've heard adult cats will accept a kitten better than another adult. Any advice will be gladly accepted. Have a wonderful afternoon
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I am no sure the anwser to your question there, but I just wanted to say welcome to TCS,and have a great time! Maybe we will be friends,and put each other buddy lists! See you soon,and have a great time!
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Thanks for the welcome. I am enjoying the site very much so far
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You're welcome! I am very glad!
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Welcome to the site! There are a lot of people with multi-cat household here. I just have my two because there are no apartments around here that allow any more than 2.

I'll move this to the Behavior Forum where you will get more feedback from multi-cat owners.
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I only live with two myself, but I think depending on personality, it could work out well. Do keep in mind to not rush introduction, and to adopt a cat suitable for them. Sedate older cats can become extremely annoyed at younger kittens who want to play 24/7.
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It really is based on space that you have available. If you start crowding your cats then you will have territorial disputes happen. Plus they play the "I'm the ALPHA NO I"M THE ALPHA" game and that can get hairy.

If you have the space, install cat ramps and cat condos and give the cats places where they can get away from each other, as well as do the proper introductions, slowly and over time, there shouldn't be much of a problem. You also want to increase your litter pans by at least 2 more if you add another cat, for potty ambushes are typical ways cats can make newcomers feel very intimidated.
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Hi and welcome to TCS

I agree with Hissy a 100% . I have more then 3 cats as you can see in my signature and have intro many cats to each other young to old , old to old . But it does take a long time and patiance to do that . I would recoment to read this thread :

and it has many helpful hints for you .
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Hi and welcome to TCS. I have 4 cats and luckily they all get on fine. They are very close to each other. But when I first got the last two it took a month before I could leave them in the same rooms together. It takes time and you can't rush it.
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welome to the site glad you found us
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