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T-shirt inequity

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I wanted to buy Sam a T-shirt, for Mother's Day. She's not too keen on jewelry or knickknacks and I thought that a T-shirt was a good idea.

It seems that every store, in town, has "World's Greatest Dad" and "World's Greatest Grandpa" T-shirts. You'd think there would be some "Mom" shirts. Hah! Neither WalMart nor Target had a darn thing, Old Navy had "I Love Mom" and the mall stores had nothing, either. Finally, found "#1 Mom" at Walgreen's. If I had realized that this was going to be a problem, I would have ordered from a catalog. THEY have "Mom" shirts.

This is ridiculous. Not every mother likes the conventional "mother" stuff: jewelry, knickknacks, flowers or candy. If they're going to market "Dad" and "Grandpa" shirts, they should also sell "Mom" and "Grandma" shirts.
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T- shirts make great gifts, I know my mum hates perfume and that sorta stuff, she asked for a new phone for her birthday..lol(cordless that is). Hope you find one Cindy.
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I know it's hard to find non-traditional Mother's Day gifts. My mother doesn't like chocolate, doesn't like cut flowers and kills potted plants, and in her words doesn't need any more jewelry.

Her birthday and Mother's Day fall in the same week, so I'm getting her some kind of nice decor thing. Usually it's small appliance (I have to clarify this, she asks for them.) but I have finally worn that out.
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