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Ahhhhh Nerves!!!!

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Arrrggghhhhhh!! Just wanted to let that out guys sorry!! You see, last night I booked my first driving lesson and Im scared to death now!! Im sooo nervous I feel sick - and the lesson isn't even for another 2 weeks!! About a year ago I was run over by a hit and run (scuse my language here) ass hole, and ever since then driving has really freaked me out!! I know I should just get over it - I wasn't hurt too bad, but its just made me sooo nervous!!- (it now takes me 1/2 an hour to cross a road! hee hee) My lesson is on the 17th and its with a nice man who seems really laid back (thank goodness - cos I won't be!) so I hope things go ok! (I hope I can actually get my butt into the drivers seat this time!- Last time I refused )

Well we shall have to wait and see....

Thanks for letting me freak out here people!!
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My mom was 35 when she learned to drive and it opened up a whole new world for her. Plus, once you know how to drive well, you will stop being afraid. Something about having control in a situation really helps. Not to mention, if you live where there isn't good public transportation, this is a necessary skill.

Good for you for tackling your fears head on!

Good luck!
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You'll do fine hon, just try not to psyche yourself out over it!
You seem to like the instructor and he sounds patient, thats half the battle.
I never took lessons, basically taught myself in our apartment parking lot and on streets with little traffic. But the driving test guy was really grumpy and made me really nervous. :paranoid2:

While driving past a park, 2 kids ran out in front of me from between 2 parked cars. Luckily I hit the brakes and didn't hit them or put us through the windsheild!
The test guy added 5 points to my score for quick reflexes, making up for the 5 I lost for taking a turn too tight...I ended up with a perfect score!

Anyway, try to relax, it really isn't that tough, and you're a smart cookie and will do great!

Go get 'em Mario!
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I am 26 and do not drive! I am scared too! I wish you luck!!!
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For all you new drivers or wanna-be drivers...good for you. The smartest thing you can do is train with a professional. Mom got her licence at age 50 and I sent her to a driving instructor. Even though I am a professional driver that does not mean I can teach..that takes training too. But she did learn some "tips" and things about bad weather and accident avoidance from me.

After 29 years and over a million miles of accident free driving with a big rig;the thing that scares me the most is the ho-hum attitude of most "four wheelers" out there. PLEASE take driving seriously..it's not a game. You don't have to be terrified all the time but please realize how fast things can happen. There are so many things that you cannot control such as weather,other drivers and pedestrians. You will be amazed at how many "stupid pedestrians" you will find when you are doing the driving. Just pay attention to what you're doing..not the newspaper,stereo,etc,etc. It really bothers me to see people flying down the highway barely aware of where they are.

So congratulations...best of luck..and don't be scared. Relax and you'll do fine. I didn't pass the first time either.

But please remember this one little math/physics equation...a 1 1/2 ton car goes into a 50 ton transport only once...that's all.
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Bodlover....you will be fine, I am sure...but I will say a prayer for you.
I am so sorry to hear what happened to you with the hit and run. No wonder you are scared.

Nicole...do you not drive at all? Do you live in a big city? If I lived in a big city I would be screwed, as I am TERRIFIED of driving in them. I am so pathetic I have never even driven on the interstate before, and yet my 16 year old step-daughter has, and is trying to tell me how it's not so bad. I feel so

I drive around here, and in the nearby town of 10,000 people, no problem....but driving in Des moines scares the crap out of me!!! Too many cars, and lanes, and.....UUUUGGGGGGGGGG!! I would rather let one of my friends drive my car when we go shopping in Des Moines!
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Bodlover,good luck with your driving lesson,please try not to worry.I keep telling myself I should learn to drive before I,m 40,I only have less than 3 months to go so I,d better hurry.I don,t think I,ll let my husband teach me,I just could'nt put him under all the stress and Kittyfoot is quite right,learners need a teacher that has been trained.
If you can think of the independence driving a car would give you and sunlion is so right about opening up a new world,you,ve taken the first step by booking your lesson,so all the best and go at your own pace

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Thanks for your encouragement people! Im still nervous but Im kind of feeling more excited about it now! I keep telling myself I'll be able to drive myself to all the animal shelters near by when hubby doesn't want to go!! wooohooo - sounds like a good deal!
I haven't taken the test before so Im hoping I'll pass first time - but my sister and my husband have both tried to teach me but I couldn't even get in the driver seat I was so scared! But the time has come!! I know I HAVE to do it cos at the moment getting the bus to/from work is costing a fortune, and I finish at 5:30 but don't get home till 7:00!!! (cos the bus is ALWAYS late!!) Anyway thanks again all - Im feeling more positive about it now!

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Debby - You make me laugh! :laughing2 :laughing1 My mom is also afraid to drive in big cities, and she can't do much highway driving because she falls asleep. In other words, if I want to see her, I have to drive down there (it's about 3 hours from here). In a few weeks, she's going to go to my ladies retreat with me. I'll have to drive to Austin with the kids, pick her up, drive her back up here, drive to the retreat, drive her back to Austin, and then drive back home. But it'll all be worth it because we're going to have so much fun!

I like to drive, and I'm very comfortable with it. I don't have any problems driving in Dallas (although it's not fun) or Houston, so I think I'd be set just about anywhere (except NY City).
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Go for it, my friend! Remember: A motor vehicle is only a machine. It's not an ogre. Mind, driving is a most serious responsibility; but it's one you will easily grasp once your "first time" jitters have subsided. And they will subside!


[Below: Katja Poensgen at "the office."]
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Hee hee thanks Mr Cat! Im hoping the "first time jitters" will subside too! - But I don't think you'd ever get me on that bike!! Ahhhhhhh! Now I totally admit Im just TOOOOOO wimpy for that! :laughing2 (I'll stick to the tiny weeeny cars for now!)

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All the best with your lessons. I learned to drive nine years ago and its the best thing I ever did. I was scared to death as well but believe me you will never be sorry. Once you get out there you will forget your fears. You will have so much more freedom as you can just get in the car and go. If you have one car it wont be long before you want another. The very best of luck to you.
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Thanks Elinor! I can't wait to be able to go all the place I like when I like!! (without having to ask people to take me/go with me!)

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