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Ron is going under the knife tomorrow

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Wish us luck - the adenoids and maybe tonsils as well are finally going out tomorrow. I am soooo scared - I hope I'm not making him too nervous.

As if the stress wasn't enough - in the papers today they said that one of the workers at the hospital where we'll be going to is suspected of having killed 4 patients! They didn't say why as it's still under investigation, but hinted that is was an Arab staff member who might have done it as some sort of terror attack I don't know whether to be happy they actually caught him or what

I don't have a lot of time to hang here now - gotta get everything ready for tomorrow. If anyone needs anything concerning the forums, please contact either hissy or Deb25.
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Anne I'll be sending lots of good vibes for Ron's surgery to go smoothly tomorrow! I'll be thinking of you guys.
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Ron will be in my thoughts. Good luck, and remember to stock up on ice cream before he comes home.
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Anne, you, Ron and the rest of your family wil be in my thoughts and prayers!

I know it's all going to be fine. Try to relax (easier said than done) and it'll be over with before you know it!
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I'll be sending thoughts & prayers for Ron, and for you too.
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I'm sure it will go fine. I'll be keeping all of you in my thoughts.
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You guys are all in my thoughts, especially little Ron.
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Sending you mega thoughts, vibes and prayers your way!

From what I've heard all about the procedure little Ron will be going through, it's a lot easier on them now then it used to be when I was a kid. One of my friends son had this done last year and she said he was a bubbly little guy within a couple days. Regardless, it's still really tough to see them go through all of that but in the long run he'll be so much better after it's all said and done. Good luck Sweetie & give Ron some hugs from me!
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Everything will be fine! I will be thinking about you and Ron! Don't worry about anything, it will go well, the TCS vibes will see to that!
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Hi Anne , when I got my tonsils out at 21 I was fit the next day . The children who got theirs out were running around the same day and all kids were doing good But you are a mom and wife and so worry more , I do the same thing as mom and wife

I will lift you all up in prayers that all will go well tomorrow
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Kids are lot more resilient, than people give them credit for. I presume that you are allowed to stay with him, while he's in the hospital. Most hospitals in the US allow parent(s) to stay with their children.

Just have a good supply of ice cream and ice chips, for afterward. Enjoy the few days, that he's down. Its probably the only break that you'll get, for years
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I got the same thing done when I was just seven years old.Don't you worry about a thing. Everything is going to be just fine. We will see to that. I send prayers and hopes to both you and Ron. *Gives comforting hug* Hope for the best! We all do!
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Hi Anne I hope all goes well for little Ron. I had my tonsils and adenoids out when I was 7 or 8 and from what I remember, it wasn't bad at all. And all of the ice cream definitely helped. I'll be keeping Ron in my thoughts.
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Anne, you and Ron will be in my thoughts. I am sure everything will be allright, but I really understand your worries. It´s like we get an even softer side by becomming a mum, I would be so worried for my son too, even though I know I woulnt have to. My sister had this op. a few years ago, and had very quick recovery.

((((((Good luck!))))))))
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Lotsa good vibes headed your way Anne. Hope all goes well for Ron. No reason to expect otherwise, but there's no "off" button for a Mum's worry. Take care.
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Anne, you and Ron are in my thoughts and prayers, I hope everything goes well for the little guy, I feel so bad he has to go through all of this but I am sure he will come through just fine. GIve him a hug for me!
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Anne: Mega vibes and prayers coming your way. You're all in my thoughts.
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Anne, just think how much better he is going to be once he recovers, how easily he will sleep through the night, as will you! Wishing you and the family only the best-

Hugs ---
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Anne, Ron is in my thoughts. Please just forget about us and worry about Ron.
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he will be fine,my son was 5 and he was eating dill pickles the next day.(((((((HUGS))))))))) for both of you .
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Anne: you and Ron will be in my thoughts.
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I had this done when I was11, piece of cake, plus you ge spoiled, lot of ice cream and other treats
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Sending healing thoughts and prayers that Ron makes a quick and great recovery from his surgery.
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Oh Poor Ron. He's definitly in my thoughts..
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(((HUGS))) Hope all goes well.
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Love, thoughts and prayers for today.
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Anne, it's so true what's been said that children bounce back so quickly! After this procedure, Ron is going to feel so much better! Your family is in my prayers today for Ron to have an uneventful surgury and a speedy recovery and for you to feel peace and not worry.
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We're back!!!
Phew - what a day!
Ron ended up having only his adenoids taken out. The doctor said the adenoids were so large, he thinks they have been solely responsible for the obstruction - so he didn't touch the tonsils themselves.
Ron was very brave. He had nothing to eat or drink since last night and I was sure that that in itself would make him cranky in the morning. But he handled being in the hospital very well and was in high spirits the whole morning. He was smiling up to the point when they actually put the mask with the anasthetic over his face - then he panicked and cried it took a couple of minutes (might have been shorter but seemes longer to me) for him to go under. The operation itself took about 15 minutes. I was with him up to the point when he was anasthesizes - then we waited for him outside. He took a while to wake up. First half an hour he was confused and crying. Then he fell asleep for 2 hours. Then woke up feeling slightly better and had his first ice cream

He is very sleepy. He fell asleep in the car on the way back home and he's in bed right now.

Thank you everyone for your good vibes, thoughts and prayers! They are much appreciated! I was thinking about you guys while I was waiting for him to wake up - and it helped a lot.

I'm attaching a few pics from today. The first two are from before the procedure - you can see what a good mood he was in. The third is an "after" picture
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Awww I just want to cuddle Ron and put a smile back on his cute face.

I am glad that it went well. I didn't know that the procedure only takes 15 mins and that you can be home the same day - the wonders of technology!
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I am so glad to hear he made it through everything ok
What a brave little boy you have there, and a little cutie at that!
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