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AKC-what should their role be??

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To my knowledge the American Kennel Club is there to help keep the breed standards in check...however, I have read that as long as a person pays a fee...they can register their puppies, meaning that BYB puppies can be AKC registered. When someone asks me for a "good" breeder..I'm hesitant to recommend the AKC...but do not know who else to point people towards. What are your opinions of the AKC and their role in the BYB/responsible breeder debate.

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Just wondering...what are BYB puppies?
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Back Yard Breeders

These are the individuals who decide to breed but do not have an official kennel. BYBs typically post when they have puppies for sale because they simply do it for the money...not for the love of the breed.
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Do you know if puppy mill breeders can register with AKC? I can't imagine they inspect all the breeders that register dogs with them.

It just seems to me (correct me if I'm wrong) that all the AKC registration means is that a dog's lineage can be traced through other registered dogs of the same breed. It wouldn't be any kind of guarantee for the dog's health or quality. I've seen many people with registered purebred dogs & puppies that have behavior & health issues, though I didn't ask where they got their dogs.

Buyer beware : check out the pup's home & parents - don't count on registration as certification of health & mental soundness.

*That's why I have mutts, adopted as adults - you know what you're getting!
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Here's the AKC's mission statement:

They're apparently not involved in any sort of oversight or policing of dog breeding - if you think about it, that would be a herculean task.
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For the question about recommending a breeder to people who are looking for a purebred, I'd point those people toward asking local vets - vets often know which breeders take good care of their dogs and have strong, healthy animals.
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Umm...what about breed rescues?
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Breed rescue is best, of course! But I thought she was asking specifically about puppies.

Dogs don't usually end up with a breed rescue until they're past the cute puppy stage & into adolescence. If you're a responsible owner & have some patience, though, they can be wonderful, and a great way to save a dog.
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