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New! Music with the postcards

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As of today the cat postcards can be accompanied by some nice music. I wanted to add some "cat music" but all I could come up with was the Pink Panther theme and Eye of the Tiger.

If you can think of any cat songs or themes, please post them here! They must be quite popular so I can look up their Midi version.

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I don't know the name of the song but the main chorus starts out "What's up Pussy Cat"

Then there is Cat Scratch Fever but I don't know how appropriate that would be because that is the only line I know.
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Great idea adding music to the postcards!
I just sent one out to my sister. I know she'll get a kick out of it!

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The song is Whats New Pussycat by Tom Jones
Theres also Cats in the Cradle by Harry Chapin I believe, and an oldie called Alleycat that my mom used to play on her marimba when I was a kid :

I'll think of more after I finish my coffee
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Oh yeah, how about Katmandu?
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I just heard "Stray Cat Strut" by the Stray Cats last night. Very popular 80's song. I wonder if any of their other songs have cat themes?
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How about the song that the two siamese cats sing in Lady and The Tramp. Oh yeah, how about I'm Too Sexy. It says something about the cat walk.
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How about, Everybody wan'ts to be a cat,from the disney film,The Aristocats

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Oh I love that song!

Everybody, Everybody, Everybody wants to be a cat!

Now I wish I could see the movie.
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Kari!!! Good idea!!! Definately, "Stray Cat Strut"....I loved that song, many moons ago!!! "yeeeeeeeowwww" :laughing:

I can't think of any good cat songs right now...but let me think on it for a bit!
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If memory serves, the song "Cat Scratch Fever" was recorded by Ted Nugent.

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Anne I don't know if it will be helpful but I have Pink Panther (or do you already have this ??) and Cats in the craddle (Guns & Roses & Ugly Kid Joe versions) as mp3 & I can send them if you want, to save you from the trouble of searching for them
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I don'no if they are famous or not, but I found these cat songs (actually there is a CD of these songs being sold).

The Mystery
Dance to My Cats
Eine Kleine Kat
In Memory of Our Cat Ralph
Alaska Cats
Beethoven Chased by Rossini
Near Death; Or, The Search Rewarded
Oy Chuck and Katie
The Cat Came Back
The Hallelujah Patrol
Forty Miles
The Rescue Cat
My Grandmother's Cat
As I Walked Out
The In and Out Song
Guilt and Shame
Cats May Safely Sleep
Cats of Cash
Cat, You Better Come on Home
Out In the Catskill Mountains
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Wow! Thanks for the great ideas everyone!

I'll have to look them up on the web. Seda, thanks, but I need to look for midi files (and ones that are royalty free). The pink panther is already available for the postcards.
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The In Out Song by Garrison Keiller (CD Songs of the Cat)
Data's Ode to Spot (Star Trek the Next Generation)
Meow by Cheryl Wheeler
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How about In the Jungle the LIons Sleep Tonight. Anne, there is a cat song in spanish by a brazilian man named Roberto Carlos. Its kind of a sad love song, but it involves a cat. If you can do a latin card.
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Anne, I just wanted to give you some song names so that you could look for them (if they are famous of course) in some place else. (If you mean royalty for that)

I didn't know that songs in midi files were somewhat simpler than the ones in mp3.. And I thought you could change an mp3 into midi but I have learned that it's actually not possible (I have just asked my hubby
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