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What Photo Editing Software Do You Use?

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Which photo editing software does everyone use? Currently, I am using JASC Paint Shop Pro 8. I have used Corel Paint 9 but wasn't all that impessed with it plus I found it difficult to use. I've also used Adobe PhotoDeluxe but it didn't have enough features that could be fine tuned.
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Photoshop 7

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I use Irvan View
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I use Microsoft Picture It as it came with my computer (and was the only one that wasn't a trial version). I'd love to have Photoshop, but unfortunately its close to $1000 to buy here in Canada and unless I win the lottery, it's doubtful I'll ever get it!! lol
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GIMP for Windows

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Adobe Photoshop 7.0...wonderful.
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A plain-jane version of ACDSee came with my camera software (HP), and is fine for the basic stuff. It's very straightforward and intuitive. From what I've seen of the later versions, it would be great for more advanced stuff, too, but I'm too cheap to pay.

In my search for editing software on the web, I ran across an outfit called Serif, which does all manner of software, and actually GIVES AWAY non-current versions. I got PhotoPlus 5.5, when the current version was 8, I think. It's great. I don't get into a lot of editing, but it's nice to be able to add captions, and do some touching up, and this is quite intuitive. I'm sure their purpose in giving away non-current versions is to get the user sufficiently hooked on the software that they'll be willing to pay for the latest version. Well, as I said I'm too cheap, and don't need all the latest bells and whistles,anyway, so I'm happier than a clam with what I've got.
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I use Irfanview & I have found that it's very easy to use.'s free! You can go to to download it.
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I've got Adobe Photoshop, IrfanView & Kodak EasyShare Software.
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I use Photoshop 6 One day I am going to upgrade to 7 but not right away.
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I use Photoshop. I use it more to do game art than to edit photos. Whatever I do, I love how much power I have with color and I abuse it frequently.
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I am using JASC Paint Shop Pro 8 also
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I have Adobe Photoshop 7 and PaintShop Pro 8. I could not live without Photoshop. I enjoy the latest version of Paint Shop Pro, more than the earlier versions, but I still have trouble with it. I don't think it's as easy to work with as Photoshop. I guess I mean it's not as "user friendly", but it does have some really fun options.
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I mostly use PhotoStudio and a bit of MGI Photosuite.
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Photoshop here!
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Photoshop 7
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I use some version or another of Photoshop. I believe it came with my scanner when I got it a couple of years ago so I'm sure it's outdated but for what I need it for it's just fine. Maybe someday I'll update it maybe not just depends on what else is out there.
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Originally Posted by PurrfectCatlove
I use Irvan View
I use IrvanView, like PurrrfectCatlove and I use Adobe Photoshop and when I want an animated Avitar, I use MicroGifAnimator
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I'm a very recent (like, over the weekend) convert to Irfanview - which had been highly recommended by several friends in my photography forums. I WILL HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PROGRAM!

I've been editing up a storm with it, and have this to say: It's so SIMPLE TO USE - that it almost feels like there oughta be a law against it!

The fact it's FREE just makes things that much better.

Get it here:

You can use it to view ANYTHING, and work with almost anything. It's easy enough to figure out, that you'll be up and running in just a few minutes. Just open it, and take a look thru the dropdown menus, and you'll immediately understand most of the functions.

Cropping is REAL SIMPLE: Display the picture. Hold down the left mouse button and drag to create the framing you want. Then click Edit > Crop Selection - and it's done! Save it as a JPEG.

Re-sizing pics - that problem we all have nightmares about - is also SIMPLE. The pics of me and Pounce in our new siggie below, were resized directly from the original 2.5MB full-size files - in a total of under 30 seconds! (Uplinking the new files to my server, so they'll show up here, took longer.) The JPEG Save on these is just over 5KB each - so it makes quite compact files. With the source pic displayed, just click Image > Resize/Resample > punch in the size you need (which allows you a choice of Pixels, Inches, or Centimeters) > save the result as a JPEG - and you're in business!

You can fine tune sizing, down to the Pixel! Our siggie pics below were deliberately fine-tuned to 132 pixels high, to match the height of the GIF "Pounce Logo" supplied by a friend - and you can see the results.

Our final result below - both pics and the logo - is 132 pixels high and 478 pixels wide, fitting well within the 500-pixel width limit you'll encounter on some sites (to avoid those with smaller monitors having to scroll side to side).

I LOVE this program!
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I use photoshop as I use this alot in my job and find this quite easy to use but I recommended Irfanview to a friend on the weekend due to people on here saying how easy it was to use (and my friend struggles with photoshop and alot of other programs) and she just loves Irfanview - she is sending me so many pics that she is editing... I actually think I have created an editing monster!!!!

and btw Clemmie I just love the image of Pounce in your signature
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Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8 and Jasc Animation Shop 3

There are tons of tutorials out there for most any photo editing software that can help you learn all the tool functions and you can make some pretty cool stuff too.
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Originally Posted by huggles
and btw Clemmie I just love the image of Pounce in your signature
Thank you. We like it too.

That's a slightly cropped version of a full standup shot of her, that I captured with a Kodak CX6230 digital camera - on a sunny day in January, when the natural light was just "purrrfect". That's the same picture that was used by a Connecticut artist in doing a fine oil painting, which was presented to us by our TruckerBuddy class.

Many more pics available to view, in the photo albums on our website:
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