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hello im new to this site 2day, i have a 7 week old kitten called socks, hes georgous and my little baby, i will post a pikky of him once i get one onto my pc.
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cazx01..welcome to the site. Congratuations on your new may want to get him a companion at some point:

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thanx, but how come ill need 2 get him a friend, will he not b ok on his own?
i do feel guilty when i have 2 go out and leave him.
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It's recommended to get him a friend since kittens are born in litters and it helps when you are away. I was going to adopt one kitten..but someone recommended to me to get 2 and I've never regretted it...they are best friends and keep each other company when I'm away. It's not "required" for you to get's simply a recommendation.

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thanx 4 that, now all i have 2 do is persuade the other half 2 let me get another one, not an easy task considerin the amount of time it took 2 get him 2 agre to 1.
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caz..what I did was let my boyfriend at the time pick out the second kitten...that kitten was "mine" kitten was "his". It's amazing how you pick out a kitten that mimics your behavior. When we broke up...I got to keep both Tigger and Habenaro since they LOVE each other. If you can't convince to allow a second one..that's fine's only a recommendation. Can't wait to see pictures.

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that a very good idea, seen as he was dead against having socks, now he absolutly loves him, so i will try that little number an keep u posted.
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Welcome to the site! I look forward to seeing pictures of Socks. Kittens are always so precious.
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Welcome to TCS. Look forward to hearing more about Socks.
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hi welcome to the site to you and your furbabies
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Welcome to TCS to you and your kitties.
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Welcome to TCS cazx01 and Socks! Looking forward to pics!
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Welcome to TCS. Isn't it wonderful how a kitten can worm their way into the heart. Looking forward to hearing more about your little kitty...oh a pictures if you can...
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Welcome to the site
There are alot of great people here, you'll love it
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thanx everyone for bein so welcoming
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Welcome,I hope you have the best of time here! I know I have! Everyone is so nice and caring! My cats are my Tom ,Orei,and baby girl Princess,both my babies and best friends! Congrats on your new little kitty!
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welcome ...enjoy your stay......I have 2 cats, we got them as kittens,from 2 different places....they will be 8 yrs old in AUG.....and they act like brothers......good luck...
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