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Broken hip & legs

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I was asked about broken hips & legs by a woman in Turkey (in the Turkish forum)..This lady found her 5 months old porch kitten (actually one living in the streets but fed & cared by this lovely woman) hit by a car & left with broken back legs & a hip ! She took him to a vet & vet told her that there is nothing to do other than waiting for the bones to fuse naturally ! But by being a "teenager" kitty living in streets, there's no way that the bones will fuse by themselves !! They might even hurt his kidneys or something ?? This lady took the cat to some other vets & some of them told her that they can do the operation for the hip ! But of course money is a biiig issue (especially in Turkey) ! I gave this lady as best advice as I could, but I wonder if I am missing something & if I can give her more ?? Does anyone have any ideas or give me some advice about this ??
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What a sad story! I would think that the cat would have to be confined so he doesn't move around much if his bones were to fuse without surgery. It seems like surgery would be a better solution. I wish I had some advice for you.
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Although I give people the benefit of the doubt, there are scams out there. Our newspaper printed a story in yesterday's paper about scams against cat owners. And if every person who put a post like that in every catsite there is, they'd be rich and corner the market.

Did this person ASK for you to send money or just advice? I'd be wary if they asked for money.

Just my thoughts.

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No, this lady just wanted an advice. ( Donna, I would never give her money if she wanted anyway I have always been sceptic about everything )

I don't think that I can find anything on the internet about this I just watched a hip operation once, in Emergency Vets of Animal Planet & it wasn't an easy operation I don't think that there are such good vets in TR for this operation, but who knows maybe there are few

As far as I can see no one has any other suggestions

Can he be put in a plaster of paris, what do you think ??

Thanks lotsocats & donna ..

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