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Saturday Thread

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Happy May Day, everyone.

Its finally warmed up enough here to be called spring. And its about time. Its raining, and has been just about every day, a little bit, but I am very pleased because the garden has just come alive in the past week or two. I have my first spring flowers (after the crocuses), a couple of bunches of violets just started blooming.

And yesterday I picked up my new car, a bright bright red Saturn Vue. I love it, and its so nice driving around in a car that is so high off the road. It replaces my Honda Civic, which I still love, and which is going to my niece who starts college in the fall.

And the Saturn dealer, as a gift, put in a pet net for me, which separates the cargo compartment in the back from the rest of the car. We think that it might work. And when I went to pick up the car, he had also given me a couple of bags of kitty litter, and its even a brand that mine like!
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Happy May Day!

That dealer sounds really nice, giving you all these presents. I have seen the ads on tv for the Vue and it looks really nice and a good price too, to boot.

I slept in this morning - when I have bad allergies and congestion, I take my medicine and it knocks me out and I don't feel a thing until I wake up I didn't feel the cats running around on the bed this morning - which is surprising! (they do this every morning) They are crazy right now - its their daily morning craziness

It is raining outside, but it is warm, which is nice. I like it when it rains in the springtime because my allergies are not so bad then. Its that time of the year.

I am probably going to do some cleaning today, work on my scrapbooks - I bought a new scrapbook - a nice shade of yellow, even though the colour is champagne.

Have a good day youse all!

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Hey Congrats on the new ride I am just going to be really lazy today and only do what I have to this weekend. You know wash clothes, clean house etc, etc, etc. The boring stuff. Last weekend was one I don't remember too much since I had minor surgery so it was shot to L on the little things that needed to be done.

Sunny and hot here already.....I love it I am thinking seriously about taking The Sammycat and Oscar out side on the leash for a little walk in the yard.
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Congrats on the car and the gifts!
I have to work today 2-12. oh well tomorrow I get to spend the day with Brad! I'm so looking forward to it! The cats are out on the porch and they all are taking turns coming in the computer room to leap on me with their cold paws and then leave after a mintue of pettings. they are so goofy. otherwise I'm not doing much of anything until I go to work. (that I like!)
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I worked today. Before lunch, every STUPID person, in the world was in my queue. After lunch, it got better. Everyone asked reasonable questions and accepted my answers.

Bill was busy. He took all of his broken Craftsman tools back to Sears and got replacements, went to the bank, washed his work clothes AND his and my whites. Now, he's got a slab of ribs on the grill. YUMMY!
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