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Got any cool ideas for a garden for my cat?

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I want to build a garden outside my kitchen window because my cat loves to watch the sun come up and every once in a while we have some birds. She is an indoor cat, but absolutely freaks out when I take her outside, so I want to bring a little more amusement and nature to her.

I don't want a strictly flower garden, but I'd like to attract some birds and maybe some squirrels or rabbits. I'd also like to build a neat water feature.

Any suggestions?
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Hi ..For our cats, we hung a bird feeder with cracked corn.....then a ground feeder...I made my self a little wooden box with small legs next to the feeder..in that goes some cracked corn, sunflower seeds and a handful of shell peanuts the bluejays love them so do the squirrels...they hop right up to the little table...the squirrels and the rabbits join in. sometimes I put out scraps of lettuce or carrots,old raisins cut up apple scraps...The other day I watched a blackbird eating the carrots and apples...bread torn up...I also have a suet hanger on the bird feeder for fall,winter and spring months...in the summer its to hot and will seal there beaks shut...... There ia a bird bath also, for them to see and watch. the cats love it sooo!!!! you need to put fresh water in there at least every other day...summer months daily...so no meskitos hatch... Takes a while to attrack the birds...but once they know its there they will vist morning and afternoon.....the only thing... once you start you need to keep feeding them, they become use to there food supply...good luck.....and enjoy...any more help ...let me know...
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First of all, a lot depends on where you live!

You could plant a lovely perennial garden with flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds. If you want the hummingbirds, plant tall red flowers, like hollyhocks, or Joe Pye Weed. Each of these grow 5 or 6 feet high, with lovely red flowers on them. For butterflies, you have a range of more colours, and anything that has a scattering of flowers that are somewhat fragrant will do the trick. I have English Asters, Gaura, and Monarda, that all do well with butterflies. And also, Nepeta (catnip), which you can also cut and bring inside for the cat. Mine love the nepeta flowers. And if you are adventurous, a Buddliea (butterfly bush) is a very nice flowering shrub.

I love gardening, I have two huge new flower beds to plant this year, and I am very happy!
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