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Recipe Program I found

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I remember a while back I had a thread going about my crock pot that I got for Christmas , there were many of you who posted , so I thought you guys would like this.

I found a program called BigOven http://www.bigoven.com its a really neat up and coming program I had a ton of saved recipes that I was trying to put into my old program it took me an hour to put it into big oven it took me weeks to not finish putting them in my old program lol

Big oven lets you plan means from your recipes via drag and drop you can them print out shopping lists from your meal plan this is great if you do once a month cooking or have a husband who needs dinner mapped out lol they offer flash movied to give you an idea of how to use the program.

It gives you access to a data base of of free recipes that can be diretly imported into the program you can even generate a website from it.

There are a few features missing , but its a great up and coming program

just thought I would pass on my find
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thanks I will give it a try...
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My sister wanted me to look into a recipe organizing program and few months ago. There sure are plenty out there. I downloaded one called Living Cookbook a couple weeks ago. I will download Big Oven and try it too.

This is a little off topic but do you (or anyone) have any idea how long a can of unopened Ducan Hines instant frosting lasts? I've had a can for 2 years now!! Was actually thinking about using it today. Do you think it's still good?
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As Nana would say when in doubt throw it out , I tried living cook book I wasnt that keene on it , maybe it will get better as it goes
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