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Do any of you have any favorite commercials? I have a couple that come to is the woman nailing a "lost hamster" sign to a pole and the sign has the picture of the hamster and says REWARD in big letters, and the guy standing behind her sees the sign and then notices a hamster peeking it's head out of the back of the ladies blouse. The hamster then moves down her back, under her blouse...the guy very carefully sticks his hand under the blouse and tries to capture the hammie for a reward...hamster goes round does the guys hand...oops...the lady feels his hand under her blouse, turns around, pulls out a bottle of mace and sprays him in the face, then picks up a trash can and hits him over the head with it. Then the credit card company responsible for the ad says..."There are better ways to earn rewards"
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Another one I like is a Burger King commercial...the "have it your way" theme...a bunch of people in the office have ordered lunch from there and when it arrives they are all waiting for theirs as the list is read, "Pickles, tomatoes, hold the mayo...Onions, mayo no pickles, Ketchup, pickles, lettuce, no mustard....etc... then the boss comes in and says what his order was and this wimpy guy goes...OMG!!! We ordered it the same way!!! We got the same thing!!!! We got the same thing....we got the same thing!!!!....the boss pays no attention to the wimpy guy and takes his food and walks out....the guy who brought the food looks down into the sack and says..."Uh...there are a couple buns left in here...wanna kiss 'em?"

It's much funnier when you actually see the commercial!
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I love the first commerical you are talking about, I think it is so funny.

I don't really have a favourite but I always get a kick out of the two squirrels = one is on the road and a car swerves to miss it and the squirrel goes to another one and does one of those handshake things. It is for Geico. I think it is so cute
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I really like the CitiBank identity theft commercials. Especially the one with the middle-aged guy loafing in a chair talking about the $1500 boostier he just bought... "It lifts and separates."
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I like the Tidy Cats commercial, wherein the cats are having a party, while the folks are out. The Persian, with the lampshade on his head is a hoot.
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There's a new one for Yahoo with ousted California governor Gray Davis that is pretty funny.
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Originally Posted by jgaruba
I really like the CitiBank identity theft commercials. Especially the one with the middle-aged guy loafing in a chair talking about the $1500 boostier he just bought... "It lifts and separates."
In total agreement! I think the guy's face at the end is the funniest part!
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I like all of the ones you guys mentioned, too! Except I haven't seen the Yahoo one...I will have to keep an eye out for it! My all time favorite so far is the old lady doing the cereal samples in the grocery store and she keeps eating all the cereal and she gets mad when some of the customers try to take a sample, and then the boss comes up and asks her if thre is a problem and she wipes her mouth, still having cereal stuck to the corner, and problems here. Its one of those you have to see to appreciate! It has been several years ago that I saw it...but that Hamster one is ranking right up there with it, I just laugh every time I see it!
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Here are some of my favourite advertisements:
Honda, "The Cog"
3rd video from the top. Note that that entire footage is actually done WITHOUT any computer graphics. It is a zip file.

Another one, the Toyota girlfriend ad. Requires quicktime to view.
Just copy and paste it.
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There's a few but how about the Advantage flea commercial with the dog and cat coming into a old west town and faces off with "Billy the Flea"?
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There used to be a commercial on for Whiskas Dry complete where there was a gorgeous grey cat tucking into a bowl of whiskas, and a mouse was on top of kitchen bin in a kilt, dancing and playing bagpipes to try and distract it from the food without any luck, in the end the mouse dropped the bagpipes and lifted up the kilt shouting "Weeeee Heeeeee", but it still kept eating!!!
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I love the one with the singing puppy that's been sent away to "camp" (obidence school). I believe it's for some king of flea treatment. "Hello Mother, Hello Father..." you know the song. Makes me smile everytime I see it.

I also like the Citibank commericals, the new one with the guy one the lawn mower going on about the Home Shopping Network is a hoot. I feel like the prettiest girl in the development.
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The shipping commercial with the 2 guys saying "We're DOOMED" gets me laughing every time.

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Yea, the dog sings it as "Hello Mother, hello Father, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, really bother...." It's for Advantics or something like that...

I love the Citi Bank Identity theft ones! Also the hampster one, and the Burger King ones really crack me up. The one where the girl didn't get her sandwich w/ mayo and the guy says that it isn't there. He has a little mayo on the corner of his mouth, she grabs him by the tie and licks the mayo off his face and says "mayo" and walks off. The guy sitting next to him goes "baaaaaa!" It's hilarious!
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Have you seen the latest Citibank commercial w/the lady dentist talking about "his" trip to tijuana? That one kills me!!!
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Rosiemac I remember that advert for Whiskas it was fabulous. I like the one they are showing now for the Polo car, where all the people are tiny and a big ginger cat runs in the room and chases one of the girls, she jumps into her car and follows, but she escapes. The look on the cat's face when she climbs through the window is fantastic.
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Originally Posted by RicaLynn
Have you seen the latest Citibank commercial w/the lady dentist talking about "his" trip to tijuana? That one kills me!!!
I did! It's hysterical!
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I love this line of ads out for Ice Cream Bars.. some of the slogans are." Things get UGLY without a choc bar" and "some people like things are a bit rocky" you've gotta see the ads they're too funny.
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I love the commercial with an Asian lady or she could be of Philipine decent. She's working in a beauty salon, and you hear this mans voice saying all of the cool things he got with her credit card. She is mouthing the words, while the male voice talks, and brags about how he got hair plugs, and cool clothes ect ect. It's a commercial about Identity theft or credit card fraud. It's not a funny subject, but the commercial is really funny.
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