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Question about new kittens and mother

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First off hello everyone. Last friday my friend asked me to rehome her cat. Today the cat had kittens. When should they go into the vet? What all should they be checked for? If anyone could tell me exactly what I should be doing for them and exactly what they should be checked for and have done that would be great. Also would like to know at what ages should everything be done at? Also should the mother need anything special or any kind of special care? Thanks in advance and feel free to give me any and all advice even if I didn't ask the question for it.
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Usually 24 hours after the last kitten arrives, I take the whole family to the vet. Just to be safe.

Two books I highly recommend:

Complete Kitten Care by Amy Shojai

Kittens for Dummies- by Dusty Rainbolt
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Generally mother cats know how to take care of her babies. The mom needs to be eating kitten food, and even some wet food if she cares for it. If there is any sign of a kitten not gaining weight, signs of an upper respiratory infection (sneezing or goopy eyes), or difficulty breathing, they need to see a vet right away. If they go to the vet, mom and all the kittens need to go. The reason I don't take mine to the vets office unless it's necessary is because my vet is a full service vet, and they have pets hospitalized at any given time. I don't like to take the kittens into that enviroment when their immune systems are so low.
Because this was an unplanned breeding, there's lots that you won't/don't know and it's likely mom didn't have vaccines, in which case there wasn't any immunity to viruses passed on to the kittens.
Generally kittens get their first round of the feline distemper at 7 to 8 weeks, they also get a general deworming. Then they should go back 3 weeks later for a booster on the feline distemper and another deworming. The kittens should stay with mom until they are 12 weeks, so the first 2 distemper vaccines should be given while in your care.
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Thank you. The mother is up to date on vaccinations. My friend atleast had that done so I do know that much. My friend got tired of her and decided she didn't want her anymore. My friend also just thought she was getting fat. I suspected she was pregnant when I got her home but was not sure until a few days afterwards. So I know the mother was taken really good care of up until I got her. I just didn't want to see her thrown outside which is what I am sure my friend would have did if no one would have taken her. I have heard that a mother needs to be dewormed after she has kittens for roundworms is this true? I also read that there is some kind of shot that the mother will need after the kittens get weaned is this true?
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The mom should be dewormed along with the kittens, and there's nothing the mom will need as far as shots after the kittens are weaned unless she is due for her annual boosters.
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my vet suggested worming with a product such as NEmex II at 3 weeks of age, 4 weeks and 5 weeks of age (kittens) mother at the same time. If these are domestic kittens they are probably advanced enough to go to new homes at 9 weeks of age as domestics seem to mature faster than pedigreed cats....???go figure. good luck on your new babies. eyes should open at 7-12 days..if look puffy, soak warm cotton ball on them to get them to open. If not opened by 12 days either take to vet or soak and gently pry lids apart. Water will most likely squirt out sodont be alarmed!
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My guys eyes started opening at just 4 days... I have never heard of "helping" them open their eyes though...
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Thank you. I have been reading up and pretty much have found out everything I wanted to. I do have one more question though. Is it normal for the mother to be breathing really hard? She looks like she is about to heave up a hairball every time she breathes.
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If the mother cat has finished having her kittens, it is not normal for her to be breathing hard. I would take her to a vet as soon as you can as she may have an infection. She may also be breathing hard if there is still a kitten stuck in the birth canal and she is trying to deliver it. Please get her to a vet now.
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Momma and babies are doing just fine after a vet check yesterday. Everything is allright and all are really healthy.
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That is good to hear! Thanks for taking them in. When you can post pictures in fur pictures only so we can see this new family.
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Yeah - that is such great news and thanks for being there for her and the babies.
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Thanks for all your help also. Yes I will post pics soon as I get some. I was gonna take some today with the digital to see how they turned out but no batteries. Of course with the digital I could not hope to have a decent pic as it only does good in outside light. Might be a couple of weeks before I can afford film for my instant camera as vet bills are getting up there but when I do I will post pics definitely.
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