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Mooshie's 6 newborn kittens

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Six beating hearts in rememberance of these 6 lost loved ones.
They came too early and there was no saving them.
There were 2 girls:Ruby and Lisa
And 4 little boys:Jonny, Donny,Cory and Cary.
They were all black like their mother.
They were born to Mooshie on April 27, 2004.
Ruby, Donny and Jonny died shortly after birth of the same day.
Lisa, Cory and Cary died yesterday April 29, 2004.
Mooshie is very ill.
She was at the vet today and he gave her a 50/50 chance of survival and wanted me to leave her there in the hospital.
But I figured she would be more comfortable at home and he said that would be ok. She got a shot and oral antibiotics and NutraCal.
This evening she is doing much better. She is up and about, purring and rubbing on me and she even licked a little food. Her fever is down too.
I am hoping this trend continues as I do not want to lose her.
She is scheduled to be spayed on June 12 so I am hoping she is all better by then.
Any positive thoughts or prayers would be greatly appreciated.
I am planning to bury the babies tomorrow in my little cat graveyard/garden.
Love and Life,
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plus two more in hoping for mom to recover fully from her illness and to you in the loss of innocence lost too soon. They were born to a loving mom and you and now there are 6 little angels at the RB watching over you and their mom.

They may have come and gone too soon but there is another calling for them soon.

May they all RIP.
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I'm so sorry for the loss of these six sweet babies. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Mooshie for her swift recovery. It's so good to hear that she is feeling a little better tonight. Please keep us posted how she is feeling.
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So sorry about Mooshie and her tiny babies. Hope Mooshie continues to get stronger. You too must be so sad. All your friends here are thinking of you.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. 6 little angels are watching you and Mooshie now from the Rainbow Bridge.

((((HUGS)))) and Strength for you and Mooshie to get her all better...
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I am so sorry of your loss My heart is going out to you

I sure will be praying for the mom cat

May the sweet 6 little ones RIP
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I am so very sorry for your loss of those 6 little angels. I hope it is some comfort that they are now happy and healthy together at the RB, always watching over you and Mooshie. And sending get well vibes for Mooshie, I desperately hope she pulls through. Please let us know how she is doing.

Jill and Candy
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omg im so sorry for your loss they will always be in your hearts and our prayers
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To lose all six in one go must be heartbreaking. My thoughts are with you and your family at this sad time. Sending positive thoughts for Mooshies swift recovery.
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My prayers are out to them. Forevr they will be remembered and cherished. They are in a better place now,watching over you and their wonderful mother. My best of hope for her recovery.
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My prayers are with you. I truly hope Mooshie's health continues to improve. You and Mooshie need eachother during this sad time. My heart goes out to you Please keep us updated on her progress.
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Thank you all for your positive feedback.
Mooshie continues to improve daily.
I have 3 other mother cats who have recently had kittens and Miss Mooshie keeps trying to steal them away. It is sad but cute and sometimes comical. My kittens who are 9 weeks old(and all black too)have gravitated to her. She hugs them and grooms them and generally mommies them. She seems happy to be a surrogate mother to them. They inreturn adore herThey still are nursing from their own mother as well as eating kitten food but they enjoy the attention from Mooshie which is great. I think this is really aiding in her quick recovery.
Mooshie is almost her old self again. She is still quite thin but I am trying to fatten her up. She eats good so it will only be a matter of time.
The lump in her belly is all but gone so i don't think it was a hernia after all. She does go back to see the vet when her antibiotics are gone though so we will know then if she will have to have surgery.( and while he is doing that maybe he can go ahead and spay her while he is in the area...lol ). I certainly do not want her to have anymore babies. That was a terrible experience for all of us. I am just thankful that my granddaughter was not with us at the time. She didn't need to witness that.
Well, thanks again to everyone for all the positive energy and prayers. I will have to post a pic of Miss Mooshie. I was going to do it tonite but I forgot to bring the pic with me. I also took a pic of 2 of the babies before they died. I will post them as well when I get them developed.
Love and Life,
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Looking forward to seeing pictures of Mooshie. So glad she is recovering, poor thing has been through a terrible ordeal.
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Awww poor babies who did not make it. They are now in a better place

I am glad that Mooshie is getting better.
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