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Friend's missing furbabe needs good vibes

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5 years ago one of my friends had a visitor in her back garden. It was a little cat covered in dirt and as thin as they come. She took her in, bathed her and found the prettiest little kittie. She is white, beige and black. She called her Rosie, had her neutered and spoiled her rotten. She always went out during the day but was never out longer than an hour. She has been missing for six days now, and my friend is distraught. She is of course imagining all sorts of things and is praying for the safety of her kittie. Please send her good vibes over, it would be so sad for her to lose her this way.
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Oh no! The poor darling is in my thoughts - come home Rosie, your mum misses you.

Give your friend a hug and let her know that she has people thinking of her and pulling for Rosie!
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Cilla, here is some information on finding a missing cat that you might want to share with your friend. I hope she finds Rosie soon!
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Prayers going up for Rosie. My heart is with your friend...it is awful when a cat disappears and you have no idea what has happened to it. Please keep us posted and tell your friend we are praying for the safe return of her cat. I feel so bad for her....it is hard to go to sleep at night and not know where your furbabies are and if they are okay.
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My prayers to your friend. I hope she finds Rosie.
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Prayers sent to your dear friend and her kitty. Please keep hope alive, there are many times cats return after months away or longer. Hopefully it won't be that long though. I know it must be so hard for her.

Lisa & Sash
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Oh noo , I am so sorry for your friend and my heart is going out to her . Please give her a big old from me if you can .

Let her also know that I will say a prayer for her sweet girl to come back savely home
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OHHH! I know what your friend is going through. I hope beyond hope that the kitty returns.

When Tigger went missing we put out over 200 colored flyers around the neighborhood and it was that with her tags that eventually got her back to us.

Does Rosie have a collar?
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Any new info???

"Come home Rosie!!!"
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I just got this, how very difficult this must be for yor friend. Please assure you friend that our thoughts and prayers are with her and with her baby for her safe return home.
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Thank you so much to everyone for their support and prayers towards my friend (Edith). I have told her this morning that you are praying for her and Rosie and she was so touched by it. She was choked up about Rosie and found it hard to speak. I'm afraid there is no more news at the moment she is out looking for her furbabe most of the time.
Lorie thank you so much for sending that info. there are some very good tips on there. Edith is not thinking very clearly at the moment so I have printed it off for her and I will help her to carry out the suggestions.
Tamme the flyers is a good idea and I will get working on that straight away for her. She does have a collar with her phone number, and post code on.
Coco Maui still no news. Thanks to everyone I will let you all know what happens.
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