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I just gotta show him off

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This is my newest, Tady. He's actually been part of the family since January, but I just got some pictures back of him that I really liked, and I'm just too proud of him not to share.

This is him his first day home.

This is him a week or so after he first came home.

This is him with Zac the first week he was with me.

This is him with Lexi, I think from a few weeks ago.

This is him from a couple weeks ago. These next two are the pictures I just got back.

Well, that is it. That's my Tady Bear.
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Tady is a cutie Lovely pictures, your other cats are lovely too.
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All of your kitties are adoreable!
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Aaaawww what cute red tabby you got and I love red cats .
It was about time you shared some pics with us , j/k . Great pictures btw . And all I need to @ is two words : MORE PICTURES
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Very sweet. Doesn't mind the camera at all, does he? Good thing, 'cuz, as other have said, we want more! (We're not greedy)
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Tady is soooo adorable!! I would love to give him a big kiss! Your other kitties are also very handsome.

Lisa & Sash
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Tady is one handsome fellow.

And so are Zac and Lexi.
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Awwwww, he's sooo cute!!!!
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Thank you all. I'm pretty proud of him. He is my little sweety. I'll be happy to get more pictures up as I get them taken. I can't think of anything as fun as showing off my babies.

I have to say, I was never really a fan of the red color in cats -- 'til I brought my first home, that is. I don't know why, but it seems they have sweeter personalities than the others. I don't know, maybe I just end up picking out sweet kitties.

Well, either way, I figure I'm pretty lucky.
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What a little cutie...they just grow up so fast don't they? Your other two kitties are quite handsome too...
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He sure has grown into one handsome fellow and your other two baies are so sweet!
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such a pretty kitty.....
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Awwwww you've every right to be proud, those pics are gorgeous
post #15 of 16 sweet they are!!!!
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How pretty he is, the first 2 pics of him remind me of how Tiger looked when he was 4 weeks.
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