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Share your websites with us

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I know many of the members here also own/operate other websites. Tell us about your websites! What are they about, when did you start them and why.
Please do add links so we can all see them (no links to adult sites please if there are any ).

I'll start...

1. - started 3 and a half years ago. You know what it's about (I hope ). I started it as an attempt to combine my love for cats, for computers, wish to learn web design and wish to have a small income working from home (still hard at work on that last one ). Mary Anne (hissy) joined me as editor and marketing director almost 2 years ago and now we run the site together.

2. - started a year and a half ago as a joine venture of MA and myself. It started out as a directory of cat websites and businesses and now has many additional sections providing cat fun for cat lovers (games, contests etc).

3. - started a few months ago. A small static site about raising goldfish directed at newbies. We got 2 goldfish as a gift at the time and I spent some time learning about these animals and thought I'd share what I had learned.

4. - I took so many pics with my new digital camera, I thought I'd turn them into an online resource and allow people to use them.

Now it's your turn
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Are you interested in non cat, non animal websites? I mean I have a website, which I've had up since 1997, however it's dedicated to Paul Stanley of the rock group Kiss.
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Sorry about the multiple post. It didn't seem to be working, so I clicked the Post button a couple of extra times. Can someone delete all but one of my posts?
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I have a message boards site about cats,cats,and cats! We won two awards,and have the most boards of all proboards. All cat loving,kind young members. 54 of them. http;//
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Got 'em for you Hope. I think Anne's asking about any websites you run.

I am webmaster/partner for two websites. These sites were started by two other members here, Laurie (LDG) and Christy (okeefecl), and Kass (RussianBlue) and Barbara (I know she's a member here but I don't know her username...) have contributed to research and ideas. Both were started because of a thread here about a "feral" cat in a commentary article that was less than pleasing to cat lovers. Because of efforts on the part of members here from across the US, Samoa the cat was rescued and adopted into a great home.

1. - "Rescue Stories to Inspire You." Hosts many stories of animal rescue, including cats, dogs and other animal. We also host many resources for indivdual rescuers for Spay/Neuter (low cost and why it is important), Ferals, and Rescue Resources (including orphaned kitten care). Of course, we invite anyone here to submit their stories of rescue to Save Samoa...and a lot of the rescue stories are from TCS members.

2. - "Speaking for Those Who Have No Voice" A clearinghouse of resources for companion animal advocates, including our own articles. We have sections on Legislation (including informaiton on every US state's animal cruelty laws), Feral Animals, Sterilization, Non-Lethal Control (a.k.a. TNR), Cat Predation, Declawing and Advocacy.

Both sites also host a herd of Feral Care Banners that you are all welcome to download and use.
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Sash, my tabby cat-I'm sure most of you have already seen Sash's website since I have it posted in my signature. I always wanted to do a website on Sash, since I love him so very much and finally got around to it a few months ago. I also wanted to show my love of all animals and hopefully someone will come across my site and find it in there heart to adopt a homeless cat.

Me and my cats- I just created a new website to show all the cats that have shared my life and to also show my love for animals. It's pretty new and I have to add more to it, but if anyone want's to see it here's the link:

I hope other's will post there websites. I love to look at websites!

Lisa & Sash
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Well, I have free of charge a 10 MB webspace from my ISP (came bundled with the dial up connection) and have Microsoft Frontpage 2000 and Microsoft Publisher 2000 (both of which can make webpages easily), yet I am too lazy to make a website

Should I do a website? Anybody know anything on websites?
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Not actually MY site, but my husband would be glad if his were of any use to anybody.

It's not cat- or animal-oriented, though you'll find some links of the sort. It began because he wanted to be able to get at his bookmarks from whatever computer he was sitting at. There's a little "about this site" blurb that goes into more detail, so I'll let him tell the story his way.

There's a fair bit of computer stuff, that being one of his main interests, some scientific stuff, some reference stuff, some music stuff, some fun stuff, etc, etc.

I have it as my "home" page, because lots of the links are useful to me, and it saves me bothering to keep those bookmarks up to date
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I have 3 websites currently, one is in my signature...and allows me to work from home in a job I love, gives Alix & my other kitties lots of fun testing toys and treats.

One is a hobby site about American Curls overall, and then there is the 3rd: American Curl Rescue.Com Keeping this site is part of what I do towards helping in Curl rescue. I also (with DH's help) am responsible for the site's fund-raising cafe press store.
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I have three websites:
this one was shared already

Then this one, where I write website content

And this one for our knife business/homepage
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I "own" a website ring called "Cat Products For Sale". A ring is a group of websites dedicated to the same cause. People can click through each website in order by clicking on the ring browser button. If any of you are interested in joining, please feel free to. I currently have 16 active ring members Here is the link to the hub page

Also, I have a website called
I sell my own brand of cat grass called Kitty Oats. I also have kitty pictures and some fun facts and poems on there too. I started the site around January 2002. It makes a couple of dollars each month but not too much. I mainly run the site for fun. Mostly I enjoy sharing Kitty Oats with cat lovers and all of the kitties out there who love them
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It's mostly based on my adventures in Maine. I'm sorry to say that I haven't been able to update it lately, being so busy with college, but starting this summer I'll have more time to add more pictures. I also have some links for a few quizzes and forums that I visit.

Feel free to sign my guestbook! Just make sure I know what site you came from. I like to see when people from other sites check mine out. Sad I know.
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Just a little site all about my furbaby... and some of his friends.

I started it a few months after I brought Spike home and try to keep it updated with new pictures and medical history, etc. (There are newer pictures on there now, btw. )
post #14 of 28 our family site , from there you can get to our site for parents of disabled children , and a whole bunch of our other creations.
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me and a friend own our own board...freebies,chit chat,psp 8 classes,Nascar,news,frugal living,pets,poems and writings,recipes,crafts,mental health,just for kids section and more
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I have a homepage/portfolio. It's what I use whenever I apply for a graphic design job, or even engineering job because I have some of my CAD work on there.

I think at some point I'll add some of my cheesy guitar songs
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Originally Posted by glentheman20
I have a homepage/portfolio. It's what I use whenever I apply for a graphic design job, or even engineering job because I have some of my CAD work on there.

I think at some point I'll add some of my cheesy guitar songs
Nice website! Your kitty in your signature is cute too
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I have two websites right now.

My newest is about my cats. No real content, just pictures and stuff about my babies. It's not really finished yet. A link to it is now in my signature.

My second is my genealogy site. I've been keeping it for about 4 years now. It gets updated, but infrequently, as it can be quiet time consuming, and I just don't have as much time as I'd like.
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I made a website called The FireBirdz. Its not for cats, its for a game called Runescape. We do have an animals section though.
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I just started a website I've been planning for some time.

Red Rover Pet Treats

All natural and organic dog treats (and YES, I'm hoping to add cat treats very soon!).
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Only one public website at the moment, it's part of the rescue org some associates and myself are working on getting setup and running. It needs a lot of work, and I haven't had much time to do anything to it.

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I have one website that is broken out into different areas: is my site dedicated to the musician. He used to be in The Calling and is my favorite guy...not to mention he is just an amazing musician (and yes..I think he is sexy). is my site dedicated to pets in has sections for cat rescues, dog rescues, specialized breed rescues, feral groups, spay/neuter info., rehoming sites, cat articles my page dedicated to cat/dog rescues and shelters in Virginia my page dedicated to the Westmoreland Animal Shelter my page where people can post dogs/cats they are looking to rehome in Virginia, Maryland and DC.

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ALL post one later
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Well my website is:

I started it wanting to share pics with my friends and my old school and my art/poetry. Now it's used mainly for my art. There's links to photos of me, all my art and some poetry, about me, my cats(currently about to be updated),links,a forum and alot more to be added soon. I do all the work on my site myself and all the graphics and everything I made myself except the barbwire. It takes alot of time with my dial up to do the updates and all, but I enjoy having my site so I can share my art with other people. I also do link exchanges and am planning to open a section to create custom works of art, banners and sigs. Yes still free like the sigs I make here .
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Originally Posted by Coco Maui
Nice website! Your kitty in your signature is cute too
Thanks Ginger! I love it when Snowball actually sits still for a picture. Usually the second I aim the camera at her she runs and rubs my leg
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My web site is primarily about my cats and also focuses a little bit on providing information on feline PKD. I used to have a little craft shoppe section on it but haven't put it back up since I switched to a new web host. I plan on adding a page dedicated to my family soon.
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My site..... sorry JEEPERS site is it's full of pictures & photoshop stuff featuring Jeepers & friends.
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Wow . . . there's some amazing sites there guys . . . mine's rather boring in comparison as it is my/my husband's business. (not sure if this will actually link as it's not showing up as live).

Anyway - hubby runs the translation side of the business, and I'm looking after the design and marketing side.

It's a bit disparate at the moment as we are currently having all element redesigned to create a cohesive whole.
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