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Why does my cat always want to "touch" my face??

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I notice this every time I pick up my's like he's trying to read my face like "braille"...anyone else notice their cat doing this?

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I had one that used to do that - I always thought it was her way of petting me.
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Two of my cats do this. I have also noticed kittens touching their Mom in the same way if they walk by her. I think it is supposed to be a sign of affection and recognition.
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hehe, Buffy does this alot too. She mostly does it when she slaps someone's face, when she wants down and they refuse to put her down. Other than that, she'll sometimes rest one or both paws on our cheeks and just stare at us, as if she's trying to dig deep into our souls
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my cat kia does this and i have had her for 6 years... i always pick her up and hold her like a baby and she takes her paw and puts it on my nose! i think it is so cute. i always kiss her when i pick her up and i thought she did this so i wouldn't kiss her! but i think it is from when they are kittens they touch their mothers face for affection and i think that is why he is doing that.
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Gryph was the one for touching a cheek with his paw. He'd reach up just exactly the way a human puts a gentle hand on a loved one's face, and in exactly the same kinds of moments -- when he was feeling particularly mushy. Definitely a sign of affection, to my mind.
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Awwwww Rosie touches my face whenever i've been upset.

It's as if she's saying, "It's ok mum!"
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Both Muddy and Oscar reach out with both paws to touch my face. They also like to give me wet head butts on my face. Muddy was orphaned young (10 days) and Oscar was dumped when he was about 5 weeks old. I guess they think I'm their momma.
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Our kitty Momo does this often. She'll sit right up on my (or my boyfriends) chest and look right at us and place a furry paw or two on our face. She climbs into bed with us and does this on the weekends as we try to sleep in.
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my Blade always has to touch my face when I am petting him, when I'm just holding him, Or if I am just sleeping. He's finally learned he doesn't have to lay on my head to touch my cheek. LOL So now he lays with his head in the crook of my neck with one paw on my face. Not all the time but 80% of it.
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awwww socks always does that to me, i think i just means that he loves me loads
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Tipsy does this too - he also loves to give me kisses on my nose it makes me laugh so much!!
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milo does this to I used to think it was so I would leave him alone but now I think its because he loves me

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i dont know but one of my 3 cats does that, and it is usually staring me straight in my eyes when she does it, its like she is pushing my face so i do look at her, i love it, its so sweet

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Snowy will do that, but she has chin acne, chronic stuffy (bugger) nose and mat in her eyes so she gets a daily steam treatment while I have my shower, and a  face washing follows.  I guess she figures if I keep touching her face, she can touch mine.  She will also lick my forehead or nose... if I brush her, I can plan on getting groomed back once she wrestles the brush out of my hand.  When we first brought her home, I would hold her like a baby and croon to her and she would always put her paws on my lips.  She is deaf, so I assumed she was listneing to me through her paws, and then when she quit doing it, I thought maybe she had heard enough.

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