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Want info on idea

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Hello all, Im new here.

I just wanted to run an idea by everyone to see if its actaully something worth doing. Reasearch, you might say Hopefully in doing this, Im trusting my idea to not get "stollen".

Here the idea: Cat Houses. I know, its been done. But I wanted to make them be actual "houses". Real glass windows, carpet inside, painted, different "rooms", porches and anything else a customer might want.
The roof (with shingles or wood slats) would be hinged so that it could open to be cleaned or washed. They would be large, of corse, being that it would house a cat.
The "main room" could have carpet or wood floor and be large enough for a cat bed. You could get a house with an extra room built on with a doorway into the other room - like a "kitchen" with tile or lenolium flooring that would hold the food and water dishes. There could also be a room for the litter box that would look like a "garage", complete with air flesheners.

Thats the basic idea. We have yet to build a model (for our own cat Foley) due to the fact that my husband thinks its a .. not so good idea. I just thought that some people Do like to lavish their pets. Espically if they are the "kids". We certainly would, but we have a 2 year old and one on the way. (YEY!) So foley gets the basics.

Please let me know what you think about this. Granted they may be expensive, depending on what the customer wanted. But a basic house, I dont think, would cost that much.

Thanks so much, Adriane
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Something like this?

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Doh! Something like that yes. It looks a bit small for cat, just by lookin at the picture. Ours would be just a little more basic, but along the same lines.
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Hmmmm... Would the 'cat house' be something that went inside of your house or would it be for outdoor use. Is it a place for your cat to actually live, or just play inside of like a cat condo? Would they ever be confined inside of it? Because I don't know if it would be a good idea to confine them in there.... I think it would need to be very large since cats don't like to eat in the same place they have their litter box and they would need plenty of room to move around and play, climb, scratch, etc....
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Oh I see now that I checked out the place Hissy linked to
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for the indoors - they would have to have alot of room, they would be a bit big.
for the outside - we could make them weather proof and whatnot.
they wouldnt be "trapped" inside .. it would have a nice big door for entry/exit (but not TO big .. they do like warm cozyness).
as to the litter and food thing .. the food could be in a room with a "door way" thru to it. The litter could look like a garage and have its own entry so they dont track litter through the "house"

they would be big, youd have to have the room for one. some people set aside whole bedrooms for just their pets. we would probably make smaller ones for just sleeping in as well.
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I think you are looking at a lot of cost, unless you and hubby are handy and just like to do these things. Plus you would have to have a selective market of high-end clients, not easy to come by right away.

I keep hoping someone will design a functional and usable cat house condo type of living arrangements for outside cats. Something to keep them up off the cold ground in insulated individual housesin mulit level tiers. Nothing but insulation and security
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Originally Posted by adriane
Here the idea: Cat Houses.
Hi, Adriane. The best one in Texas is right down the road from here.

Jim, with Ann, Samwise and Miss Kitty, on a Texas beach
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