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I lost my firstborn

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Last night we had to put our 19 year old cat Genny to sleep. I watched her be born 4-18-85, she was the last to be born and wasn't breathing. My mother gave her mouth to mouth. She was named after the group Genesis. She was pure black with long hair and green eyes. She was just like a daughter to me...I even gave my mother a necklace with her picture in it for Grandparents day. She is greatly missed by my husband, my three children, our dog Cindi, our other black cat Darth and myslef. We are having her cremated. I am looking for lockets with a picture of a cat on the front to put a little of Genny in them for my children, so my baby can watch over my babies. I have found comfort from this sight before when she was diagnosed with kidney failure. I also found the idea to make death announcements. Just as the vet put the needle into Genny IV she turned an look right into my eyes and for the first time in a long time I saw peace. I will miss her greatly but I am so warmed with the thought that she has crossed that bridge. Thank you for allowing me to share my story.
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I am sorry for the intense pain you are in right now. You and your family are to be commended, for 19 years old is a long time for a cat to live. I hope that in time the healing begins, but allow the grief to come as well and as you travel this path that so many others have been on, know that on the other side you will emerge a whole person and ready to love yet another cat for 19+ years-
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(((((((HUGS))))))) to you .

May Genny RIP
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I'm so sorry for the unbearable pain you must feel for the loss of your dearly loved frst born. Making lockets with Genny's picture so she can watch over your children always is such a wonderful way of honoring her life. I'm so glad you can find some comfort in knowing that she is in perfect health over The Bridge. Thank you so much for sharing your feelings.
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May she be in rest and true happness at the raindow Bridge in heaven. feel better soon.
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My heart goes out to you on the loss of your precious Genny.
I'm sure she is happy and healthy and playing at the Rainbow Bridge.
Love and Life,
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May Genny RIP at the RB.

She lived a long and wonderful life with you and your family. And she will continue to doso in all the pleasant memories you all will carry of her. She is watching you now from above.

Take care.
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Rest In Peace Genny.

She is no longer in any pain, and is simply surrounded by your love as she was in life. (((HUGS))) to you and your family.
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I am sorry you have to go through this terrible pain. Genny sounds to have been such an adorable cat. The only comfort is that she is no longer in any pain and you know that you filled her life with love. Now she is healthy again and looking over you.
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im sorry for your loss genny will always be in your heart and loved for who she was she is in a better place now and will be waiting for you to join her agian
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My thoughts are with you at this painful time. As has been said 19 years is a grand age for a cat and shows how much care and attention you and your family gave Genny. The locket idea is a lovely one and hope it brings you peace and in time to come happy memories of a much loved family member.
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Hugs from someone who knows exactly what it's like to lose a baby to CRF. The adorable face you see in my Avatar is Smokey. She was 15 when she was diagnosed & fought harder than I could have asked for, I helped her to the bridge on September 26, 2003. I can only say I'm sorry for the pain & loss. I still miss Smokey daily, but now when I think of her the wonderful memories make me smile.
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