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Dori is not eating her dry food

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ARGH!! I have typed this entire post out twice and both times my internet explorer said 'not responding' when I tried to submit, so this is the third time I have typed it

Ok sorry, had to vent. Now to my question.

Dori is not eating her dry food at all. I give her 1/2 package of Friskies Fine Cuts wet every morning for breakfast. I keep Science Diet Adult dry down for her all the time. She has been eating the wet food, but has not touched the dry for 2-3 days now. She normally eats the dry and seems to like it just fine. She is acting healthy (even her allergies seem ok right now), she has been playful and been herself. Except that she has not been sleeping with me, which she used to do all night every night, and she hasn't been eating her dry food.

Should I start giving her wet food more than once in the morning to make up for the dry food she isn't eating? I would rather get her eating the dry again, as I want her to eat both. But I don't want her to starve or become malnourished. These are the things that have happened with her lately:

1. About 2 weeks ago I tried giving her Nutro wet instead of Friskies, since it is better. SHe didn't like it, so I switched her back to the Friskies. SHe has been back on the Friskies for 1 and 1/2 weeks now.
2. I have begun switching he rlitter from Fresh Step to World's Best. I only started this 2 days ago, and have only changed out about 1/4 of her litter with the new stuff.
3. I dog sat the dog downstairs last weekend. I brought her up to my apartment only once for about 3 minutes. She stuffed her nose in Dori's dry food bowl and ate some. I threw away the food that was in it, washe dit really good and gave Dori fresh food. She ate the food after that, but I think she started slowing down about that time with it, and then quit eating it over the last 3 days.
4. My boyfriends little boy yanked her tail last weekend, hard. But she seems fine, Hissy asked me to watch for her having excessive licking, which she has not, her tail seems perfectly fine.
5. I have had a very rough 2 weeks or so. With school, my uncle dying, work, etc. I haven't been spending much quality time with her. Could she be feeling left out and that causing her not to eat the dry. I plan to spend alot of time with her this weekend, I didn't intentionally cut out of my time with her I have just been really stressed. (that;s really no excuse though)

Right now I am just really concerned that eating only 1/2 package of wet food isn't enough, and I don't want her to get sick. Any ideas on what I should do?
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Okay, my personal opinion? She'd be much better off without dry altogether. I hear people say "I want them to eat dry" all the time. Why? I think many of the problems that cats experience today - diabetes, obesity, renal failure - can often be traced in part to dry food.

And I fed dry food for years myself, mind -- ending up with 2 cats with CRF eventually & one with severe IBD.

In the most recent issue of "Catwatch", there's an article on using "catkins" (high protein diets with minimal or no carbs) for overweight cats (altho one vet didn't recommend going to all canned).

The article mentioned that a mouse is the optimal food for most cats - 40% protein, 50% fat, 3% carbs. Most dry foods, OTOH, have about 30-40% carbs. Cats don't need carbs for energy like we do. Those carbs are in there to make the food cheaper & our lives more convenient.

Food for thought, anyway.

And it does sound like your cat has had a lot of stressors in her life recently, so I would monitor her feeding & make sure she doesn't stop eating and that there aren't any other suspicious symptoms.
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