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Passover project - cat shelves!

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I finally got around to saving the pictures and downloading them...

DH and I spent many hours on the recent Passover holiday updraging our little house to improve the quality of life for our cats. We have 4 cats - Mishsmish, Gezer, Romeo and Dudy - and Mishmish is the kind of girl who doesn't get along well with other cats (except for Gezer who has joined her when she was just a little kitten). She gets upset when Romeo and Dudy come inside any room where she is. We have a very small house and we felt it might be a bit too crowded for 4 cats. Not being able to add more rooms , we decided to add some vertical space for the cats.

We bought some shelving wood and prepared a chain of shelves for the cats to climb onto. The cats go around our kitchen/living room/dining room (that's the same room basically ) and the cats can climb up and down at both ends. On one end we created a three shelves descent. On the other side they can jump onto the kitchen cupboards and from there to the fridge and the kitchen counters (yes - they are allowed ).

Here are some pictures of the new and highly popular kitty trail. Mind you, it took them a couple of days (and some catnip to guide them) to get the hang of it but now all of them except for Romeo, take the hike everyday.

Kitchen cupboard to window #1.

Window #1 to air conditioner

Over the AC's wall Air

To the book shelf... (Hubby's creation) and onto the bridge that takes them across the window. Note how the book shelf's side is also covered with the same kind of carpet as the shelves - that's an extra scratching post and very loved.

From the bridge - the three shelves decsent (and Dudy playing with the toy that we put up there for them - toy since long gone...)
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That is very cool. It seems like something they all can enjoy!
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Wow, Anne, that must have been quite a project! What fortunate kitties you have! Hopefully everyone will be alot happier now that they have so much more space!
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I wish I could do something like this but I live in an apartment. But when I get a house something like this will probably be one of my first projects.
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That is so cool! Kitties must be loving that!

And Dudy is certainly having fun with the (long gone) toy. What a pretty kitty!
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That is a really good idea! Now, once I have my own house, I'll have to think about something like that.
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Lucky kitties.
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Actually it's not our house. We're renting as well. These are even plaster walls - not bricks. It took us so long because we didn't want to damage the walls. But then we found out we could hang the shelves without cracking the walls and when we have to leave, we can take them off and fix the holes. Apparently it's no more than hanging a picture.
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