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Do You Believe In Ghosts?

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I do. I think its possible. Besides, I have kind of a sixth sense about things and I just have this feeling that, as they say; "we are not alone".
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Yes I do, I have been seeing them since I was 10 years old and am rather sensitive to them.
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I voted maybe because I don't believe in ghosts, but I have had several weird experiences and have seen Snowball react to something each time. The last time this happened was very early in the morning one day last fall and it really scared me because I couldn't say it was just my imagination.

Don't laugh...
As soon as I woke up that morning I heard a strange voice whispering in a corner of the room and noticed an eerie feeling in the air. I didn't move or react to this voice in any way, but I did notice that Snowball, who was cuddling on the bed with me, immediately perked up and started staring very intently into the corner of the room the voice had come from.
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Lorie - thats rather interesting, I wonder what it was.

There is a website that I regularly read - www.theshadowlands.net - people put in their experiences and it takes me forever to read one page - there are so many stories there and are amazing too.
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Yes - we had one in the house where we moved when I was 14. Her name was Mabel Brown, she had died in the house previously. You could tell what room she was in because that room was always about 5 to 10 degrees colder then any other room in the house. It was very weird!
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Depending on which hat (rational/sensationalist) I put on, I may or may not have seen a ghost. But that was such a boring story.

Let me tell you of the experience of one of my friends. He once went to camp and he had to rush back to his room to get something. As he was searching through his stuff he saw this person sitting on another bed and he thought perhaps this person was not feeling well so was not taking part in the activities. When he looked up, the person was no longer there. And second later, the doors swing openned as if it was being blown, except that there was no wind.

Lets swap ghost stories here.
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Originally Posted by bumpy

Lets swap ghost stories here.
oooooooooooooo YES PLEASE. I dont have any I'm afraid but I do love to read others.

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vinceneilsgirl, last Christmas a thread about ghosts was posted in the lounge. There are a couple of pictures on that thread you might be interested in looking at. (Click on the link in the first post to see one of the pictures.)
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Well the house a grew up in had a couple, I guess. I only ever saw one of them, she was a little girl and used to sing and play with my dolls. My mom also told me that she woke up in the middle of night one time and saw a large man standing over the bed and when she nudged my Dad to wake him up the guy was gone. She did say however that she wasn't afraid of the guy, it just took her off guard.
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I voted maybe because I believe in angels and I believe in spirits and I believe that spirits can impersonate people who have passed on. I also believe that any one of us could be right.
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I totally believe and I've got tons of stories.....

My dogs have had some experiences with what I think is ghosts. My Clyde has stared at a blank wall, raised his hackles and growled at nothing.

My hub and I once live in an apartment in the city that was 100+ years old and had been basically preserved by the owner to keep most of the original skeleton (floors, walls, etc). We would lay in bed in the early mroning and hear banging in the kitchen. We heard it alot!! No windows open, no one else in the building, etc. It was weird because I am the ULTIMATE chicken, but I was never scared there. For some reason, I always had a feeling that it was an older lady and she was very friendly. One day, I was a white mist just hovering over my kitchen counter. Another day I had a picture frame come flying across the room (not at me). It was always in the kitchen, never anywhere else.

I've talked about this to lots of people and have found alot of similar stories.

So interesting.
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I've told this one before.

When Richie and i split, i had Rosie sleep in my room with me as i was upset at the time.

On several occassions if i was watching t.v. or reading in the bedroom Rosie would jump up and go to the bottom of the bed and just stare at the wall.

Some weeks later my friend pursuaded me to have a clairvoyant in my house and make a girlie night of it by inviting some friends around.

It was my turn to go up to the bedroom for my reading!.

At the end of it he asked if i had any questions to ask him. I said yes, anything about the spirit world?!.

Without thinking of what he could say his exact words were " Yes my dear, i have Margaret standing right behind me, and she sits at the bottom of your bed watching you sleep every night!".

He also said, " You asked me before i came to the house to make sure i take the spirits away with me and i will, except one and that is Margaret, and she will only leave when she knows your ok!".

Margaret was my mother!.

So, yes i believe
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Yes, definately. Although I think I'm relatively insensitive. But I did have one really weird experience....

My junior year of college, I lived off campus in a townhouse community with some friends. The guys two doors down swore that our row was haunted-they had heard *someone* walk down the stairs and open the front door when all of them were in the living room. Also, they swore they heard voices and activity in the empty house between our house and theirs.

One night, I was sitting up late in the kitchen writing in my journal. We had recently had a party, and had put red lightbulbs in the kitchen fixtures. While I was writing, I kept on seeing a red light flashing out of the corner of my eye. I looked out into the parking lot to see if a car had come in, but no one was there. Then I looked at the kitchen light-and it flashed at me!

Granted, it could have been a power surge, but I felt that *someone* was in the kitchen with me and they didn't want me to be there. So I packed up, told the empty kitchen "OK, I'm going to bed" and went to try and sleep. And since then I've been convinced that ghosts, or some kind of spirits, do exist.
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I've had several experiences with ghosts. I currently live with 2 who love playing with Pipsqueek. He'll go over to 1 wall, look up at the top of the wall and meow with his tail swishing. I've seen the ghost move the ivy decoration I have at the top of the window.

I have my bedroom, a guest room and an office on the second floor. I used to keep the iron and ironing board set up in the guest room since I touch up my clothes every morning before work. But every time I walked past the room, the iron just caught my eye. Once I turned around to see it floating. And I didn't feel good about that. Then one day, I was sitting in the living room, all the cats were in the room with me, and we heard a BANG upstairs. The iron had flown across the room and hit the wall. The ironing board is now set up in the office.

When I was growing up we used to have a woman who used to sit in a rocking chair by the window and brushed her hair. We didn't own a rocking chair.

When I was in college, I lived in an apartment that was a converted single family house. I had seen the original floor plan and I lived in the area that originally housed the dining room, kitchen and drawing room. There was originally a door that lead from the kitchen to a staircase to the second floor, but that was closed up (but the stairs were left) I woke one night to hear banging on that wall. I called out that the stairs are now in the front of the house. I heard footsteps walk past my door thru the living room and into the front hall.

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Wow! These stories are something else. I don't have any encounters with ghosts, but still believe from others stores that they could be real, so I voted maybe. I was suprised that no one has voted no, they are impossible. Quite honestly though, if I had picture frames or irons being thrown around by a ghost I would be terrified
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Before we were married, my wife rented a room in an old farmhouse out in the country where she could have her horse. One day, one of the other boarders had his horse rear up, and almost dump him off. In front of him, stood a Confederate soldier. The soldier asked him if this was the way into town. The guy just thought he was going to a costume party so started to give him directions. When the guy pointed down the road and then turned back around to his listener, the soldier had vanished. There was a major Civil War battle fought on those grounds. My wife saw and heard a lot of weird things in that house. Her cats stared and hissed at invisible things. Her little Beagle, Joey refused to come into any part of the house and preferred to live under the house. Pots and pans would fall off the counter. She moved, especially when she learned that her landlord, a tough biker refused to live in the house.

Progress finally came to the area, and a develpment was slated to go up there. The house was slated to be saved as an historical house. Two years ago, for some reason, the city had it burned down. I wonder why? I wouldn't want to live in that development.
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I believe in ghosts because I have seen them, and felt their presence. I used to run a website about abandoned places, so I did a lot of exploring for research purposes and of course to take pictures.

One time I had gone to photograph an abandoned slaughterhouse with a partner. The place just had a bad feeling about it altogether, but when I stood at the end of 'death row' to take a picture up the room of all the pens, I saw a face on the wall at the opposite end of the hallway. I got an immediate bad feeling, and turned around to find my partner, who had gone outside. Later when I was doing historical research of the site, I found out that a guard had been killed in the room where I saw the face.

Another time, I didn't actually see a ghost, but I certainly felt it's presence. We had gone to document an abandoned mental institution that was famous for horrible patient abuses. The entire place was locked up tight, but in one particular spot I could hear knocking coming from inside. The place just had the worst 'atmosphere' about it. It was like you could feel the suffering of the people who had been there.

Edited to add:
When we were on our honeymoon in Maui, we found this old old church on one of the less 'tourist-y' parts of the island. When you were inside, you got this really good feeling, just of peace. We met a couple of people there who took a picture of us, and I believe they captured a ghost in the picture. You can very clearly see an orb in one of the pictures.
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I believe in ghosts. I have seen them and felt their prescence. I do have stories....but perhaps I'll tell them at another time if you guys want.
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Come on, Sofie. Tell us now. I'm sitting on the edge of my seat already in anticipation.

My mother used to tell me some good ghost stories. Now I know why. They were real ghosts.
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LOL...okay...I'll start out with the first ghost encounter I can remember...

When I was 13 - 14 years old, my family (mom, stepdad, brother, little sister, and myself lived in a very large old farm house. The house had 7 bedrooms...no lie! 5 upstairs, 2 downstairs, plus a full-size basement. Well, for fun my brother and I would sometimes rollerblade on the smooth concrete floor in the basement....my mom called me to eat one time and I managed with little effort to climb the stairs with my rollarblades on. That night I performed my usual routine and went to sleep. I heard some noises, but thought they were just the wind. When I woke up there were scratches ALL over my face!

My mom gasped when she saw me go downstairs for my normal bathroom routine and asked what happened to my face... I was like "What are you talking about?" I looked in the mirror and almost cried...there were tiny scratches all over my face in no particular pattern! (no, I did not have a feather pillow) It was VERY weird, and they were gone by the time I went to bed that night. My mom later read that a girl died while climbing up or down one of the stairs in our house with rollarskates on. We also saw a young boy outside of a shed in the woods from our house a few times...he would disappear in thin air.

more to come.... (Iowa was VERY weird!!)
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I will post my first encounter: -

When I was 10 years old, I was staying at my friends house for a sleepover, we had played all evening and around 10pm, it was time for bed.
I went to bed and around midnight or so, I woke up and it felt like someone was in the bed I was sleeping in - (mind you, I was sleeping in her sister's bed when her sister had gone to her friends for a sleepover that night) Anyways, it felt like someone was in the room and kinda taking up so much space that I thought I would fall out - I thought that somehow I was in the wrong bed and so I got up to look for the bed I was supposed to be in - it was pitch black, for some reason, I could not see the alarm clock and so I was feeling around in the dark, trying to find my bed. After what seemed a while, I thought I had found the bed across from mine where my friend slept, and I thought to myself, if that is her bed, then my bed is right across - I ran and jumped and it was not the bed - it was the dressing table and I cut my eye, just below the brown and I just said "ouch" and started looking for the light - unusually enough, I could see better in the dark then and found the light switch - I must have been a sight because as soon as I turned on the light, my friend saw me and screamed - I had blood all over the side of my face - I had cut my eye. Anyways, I got cleaned up my her mum and her oldest sister and then I went back to bed.
I could not sleep as my eye was starting to hurt and I looked over to the doorway and I saw a figure standing there - I got scared and looked away - every time I looked, it was still there and it stayed there til sunup - I asked my friend if her father had stood in the doorway and he said no and that I had been visited by the spirits of the house - they were not bad ones, they were just watching over me. I knew it couldnt have been her father because this figure was tall and thin while her father isn't. I still have the scar to remember it by.

I will post more of my encounters later, when I have more time.

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I'm one of those people who has to have everything proven to me by scientific fact....in other words for me seeing is believing. However, I have had WAY too many experiences to doubt the existence of ghosts.

I believe that some people are clairvoyant and can sense things more easily than others. For example, I dreamt about a week before Princess Diana died that she died. I'm also constantly visited by the ghost of my friend Shelli, who died at the age of 17 in a car accident...three days before we began our senior year of high school. I was so upset I didn't go to her funeral...and sometimes I think she visits me to make me feel better. OK I'm going to cry if I keep talking about that.

The apartment building my fiance and I live in now is haunted. Bumps in the night and the sound of furniture being moved around in the apartment above...except no one lives there and this is at 3 or 4 AM.

I also belief that empathetic people sense ghosts more easily. I'm so empathetic that someone crying on tv can get me started, so that's probably part of it.
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I think there are things that we don't know scientifically yet, but I'm not sure about using the word "ghosts" to describe them. I don't believe in spirits and have no reason to believe that anyone living has a spirit; I don't believe in demons, either. As for popular definitions, I don't think they resemble humans wearing white sheets and chains, and I'm also skeptical that they're transparent things that physically resemble a few of those who died--and if they are, I don't know why they exist, why they're seen as much and as little as they are, and so on. In short, I don't know, and if some thing or being does cause cupboards to open and close, I wouldn't be so quick to call it a "ghost" or pretend to understand anything about it.

I've had weird feelings and such before, but nothing I'd say was actually there (apart from in my mind). I do have friends that I'm fairly sure wouldn't lie to me, and they tell me enough to show that I don't know everything about everything (not that I didn't know that already, but...). Other than that...ma'am, your child has an overactive imagination
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Ok, here's my story. It's not as "fantastic" as some others here, but here we go.

My roommate's father had a series of small strokes. After this he kept asking for a clock that he had in his room. He kept telling my roommate that he got all his news, weather, etc., from this clock. (This was impossible. It was just a clock.)

He died of a massive stroke in May, 2001. After he died, my roommate brought the clock home and put it on a shelf. On Thanksgiving day, the alarm went off on the clock. No one had touched it and it had never gone off before. We both just stared at each other for a minute and at about the same time said "Happy Thanksgiving Ray" I really believe it was his way of showing his presence.
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Not sure if I believe in ghost or presences. Sometime it feels like someone is standing behind me .... My grandmother died in 1996, and so, maybe it's her, I dont know.
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I believe without a doubt in ghosts. My grandmothers favorite story from my childhood was when she was watching me ( i was maybe six weeks old) and left me alseep in the cribe in the living room while she ran outside to bring the clothes in, becuase it was ranning, when she cam back she saw my grandfathers mother standing over me, who had passed away a month or so before i was born. I was the first grandchild born on that side and everyone tell me that all she talked about was being a great grandmother, so i guess she just wanted to check on me

Also, my grandfather (paternal) past away a few years ago. during his life he loved to tease all of his grandchildren and also call us for no other reason than to smile at us, he would also pull little pranks, like hiding car keys. Now that he has passed away all of us grandchildren get calls on our cell phones in the middle of the night where no one answers ( i have caller id on my and it all ways shows up as my grandfathers (his wife my grandmother is still alive) phone number, but sometimes she's home and others she's been out of town.
and also he will hide out keys from us when we all get together, which isn't very often these days, and their is so many other things that he does just to let us know that he still looks out for us.....

As for seeing a ghost... i was in my teens (15-16) and my family owns land way out in the boonies or western NC, that was once (long ago) a favorite route of an indian tribe, and you can hear them dancing in the late evenings, but i was there sitting outside with the horses that we had at the time, when walked across the pasture and was headed straight towards me, the horse must have sensed him because they got spooked and scattered.
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As I said before I prefer not to believe in ghosts but seeing the thread again I have to mention what my step-son has told me. He says that he sees a black shadow on the ground following me around the house, he has only seen this since my beloved Hercules died last year, and he was a beautiful black cat. I prefer to think it his imagination but if it isn't I would never be afraid of Hercules anyhow.
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OK - who's the wiseacre who vote "I AM a ghost?"
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Well, I guess I am the odd one out-- I don't believe in the supernatural.

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This is what I wrote in the other thread:
My ex-brother-in-law lives in a new house, and the kids (2 boys and a girl, aged 9 - 16) are really afraid to sleep there (he has them 2 - 3 nights a week) because they've had all sorts of freaky experiences and are convinced the house is haunted. We keep telling them that a new house can't be haunted, but are really wondering about the history of the land it stands on. The parcel of land was part of a farm for well over a hundred years, but since it is in Nebraska (outskirts of Omaha), we're wondering if it wasn't an Indian burial ground or the scene of a battle between Indians and the U.S. Cavalry. So far we haven't found any records. Having had several paranormal experiences that couldn't be explained away with faulty wiring or chips (for example, our microwave, which has gone on strike every Easter since we bought it in 1983), or an overactive imagination (a presence which boomed down the steps and trudged into the kitchen at a house my sister was renting at the time, and which my sister, her husband (a sceptic), my brother, my husband (a true sceptic) and I, plus two dogs and a cat, all heard and felt simultaneously), I believe there is such a thing as a ghost, though I don't believe that ghosts are necessarily malevolent.

I'd like to add that I've been seeing ghosts most of my life, and several incidents were witnessed by a number of people simultaneously. However, I think some "sightings" are simple clairvoyancy. One time, when I was about three, my great-aunt had the extended family at her house for a holiday dinner, and served everything from soup to nuts. I started describing the time a "lady" was lying upstairs on a bed in the "little bedroom", and how my aunt had the table in the dining room all set with her fine silver. It freaked everyone out, because what I was describing was my great-grandmother's wake, which had taken place in the house decades before. I didn't see a ghost, but I could picture everything. I really wonder if I was picking up memories my grandmother, great-aunts and great-uncles had?
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