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Is my dog "Purring"??

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This morning when the dog and cat were cuddling in the crate together, and Oliver was purring loudly as usual, I noticed the purring to getting really loud every fifteen seconds or so, and the increase lasted about five seconds at a time. I thought is was weird that he was able to get that loud, then I realized that it was the dog! It was definately NOT growling, the dog has growled before to keep the cats off of her bone, and this was not the same sound. It was the same tone as the purring, just a lot louder.

Has anyone ever heard of this?
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hmmmmm...I've never heard of a dog purring, but who knows!
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LOL that is too funny! When dogs sleep their Growl sometimes does sound like a purr, Because when they are dreaming they aren't as loud or full blown as they are when they are awake just like if he was to bark in his sleep it's more of light one one that's not going to scare the pants of someone. So they tend to Muffle their sounds when they are sleeping. So maybe he was growling! but who knows Cuddling up with a kitty he just might have been purring I know that if I could I would LOL
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I would too! HAHA!

I've never heard of that before but that's so sweet!
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Cute! I have been around a couple of really old dogs (not mine) that made snoring noises when they were awake, and I thought that maybe those dogs were having problems breathing. The snoring noise did sound a little bit like purring. Is your dog older?
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My dog is only three, and was definately awake at the time. She doesn't have any breathing problems. I caught her doing it again, and she definately seemed aware of what she was doing. She puts her muzzle near the cats chin so the cat would lick it, and then she "purrs".

She has never been around dogs, and was an abused (we think) as a puppy. She sees our other two cats as the pack leaders, so she doesn't dare get in thier way, but the youngest cat was adopted after we got her. He didn't get the memo that dogs and cats weren't suppose to get along and took her in as a big sister, the dog was thrilled that one of the "high and mighty" cats took a liking to her, and loves the attention he gives her.
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OMG how cute is that , picture and the purr of your dog
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That is just the cutest picture and the cutest story. Better start saving up for the wedding, lol

Jill and Candy
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That' so sweet and I don't see any reason why your dog couldn't be purring or at least attempting to make a sound like that. My uncle used to have a cat that would do what I call meow barking, it was kind of a mix between the two. We always kind of assumed it was because the cat wasn't around any other cats and had decided it was a dog.
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It wouldnt surprise me a bit if your dog was purring. We had a cat that would play tug of war with an old sock, shake its head and growl just like the dog did. Stranger things have happened I suppose.

Your picture is adorable by the way!
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Ohhhhhhh How cute!!!
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