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Surgery tomorrow for Oreo

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Poor Oreo has stones!

Late last night he started having trouble using the litterbox and making frequent trips, so I took him to the vet first thing this morning. They did an ultrasound of his bladder and found several stones so he's going in tomorrow for surgery to remove them. We won't know what kind they are until the stones are tested, but the vet suspects they might be oxalate.

This is only the second time in his life he's had urinary trouble, but it seems like a big one this time, poor guy! I know he'll be in good hands - our vet is great, and is a feline specialist. But I'm still worried for our big sweet boy - we'll definitely welcome any get well Oreo vibes you can send for his surgery tomorrow morning.
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Poor Oreo - he is definitely in my thoughts

Do let us know how he fares.

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Sending lot of healthy vibes to Oreo!!! And calm vibes to Mommy too.
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Thanks, guys.

You're wonderful.
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oh my, poor Oreo!

Sending him get better after surgery quickly vibes. You're such a good mommy, taking him to the vet so quickly!!!

Jill and Candy
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Moving this thread to health so that others who have gone through this can give you their input and support
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Poor swettie.

Sending healing vibes his way and that the surgery goes well so he can come back home to you feeling much better.
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Poor babycat! I'm sending lots of get well soon vibes for poor Oreo!!
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Loads of get well vibes coming your way. Good Luck Oreo.
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((((((((GET WELL OREO)))))))))
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Poor Oreo, and poor mommy! It's so stressful for both of you, but sending LOTS of "hope everything goes well today" vibes!!!!! Please keep us posted!
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Thanks for the thoughts!

Oreo came through the surgery fine, but they want to keep him overnight for post-surgery observation - we'll take him home tomorrow morning. We decided not to visit him in the hospital today because I didn't want him to get upset by coming in and then leaving him there. I can't wait to have him home again.
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I'm glad Oreo came through his surgery o.k.
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I just see this thread .

I am so sorry that Oreo had to go through that , I am sure it had to be hard on him and you . I am glad it went well with him today . Give him some extra and from me when he come home tommorow
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Brought Oreo home this morning (boy was he happy to be back home!) and he seems to be feeling much better. Now we're just waiting on the stone analysis results. The vet gave me samples of different prescription diets to see which he likes best - fortunately, Oreo is not a picky eater. His response to anything edible is usually FOOD! YUM! I'm so glad he's better - that was scary.

Thank you so much for your thoughts & concern - we needed it, for Oreo and for his worried mom!
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That's just the best news!!! Hope Oreo continues to get better and eats his new food!!! And that you can relax alittle too.

Jill and Candy
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Tess thanks for the update. So glad to hear Oreo is feeling much better. Fingers crossed for the results now. It is a blessing that he is not a picky eater. Go for it Oreo
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I am so glad Oreo is back at home . I also hope the test results will be good news for both Oreo and you .
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so... get the test results back yet? Have you decided what food - or will you use all of the various scrip diets?

I'm so glad everthing went well and that Oreo's OK!

And Tess, we do the same thing. We used to go visit the kitties - but it just upset everyone. So now no matter how much it's driving us nuts, we don't go until we can pick them up and bring them home.

(((((Hugs))))) to you both!
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Oreo went to get his stitches out today, and is doing much better. He's been placed on antibiotics, too.

Unfortunately the lab lost his stones so we never got his test results. However, the vet said that based on his age & the fact that he was on an acidifying diet (Purina Urinary Tract formula) the stones were most likely oxalate.

He's been put on the Purina NF formula, which the vet said will help keep his urine at an ideal level for older cats (it's a kidney formula). He suggested going ahead & switching all the cats over to it because it's a good food for older cats, and Oreo is actually the youngest of my feline furbabies, at 8 years old. Hopefully the others will like it as much as Oreo.

Thanks so much for all of your thoughts & prayers!
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Glad to hear Oreo is doing much better. I have heard good reports of Purina.
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That is good to hear that Oreo is doing better . I hope he will continue with his health . Yes , that is to bad that they lost his stone . But don't get upset about it , we are all human and things like that can happen . I am just glad he is doing good so far that sweet boy
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Awwwwwww poor baby!

Sending Orio (((((Healing Vibes))))))
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