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Where is Mr. Cat

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I guess do to the fact that I have been gone for about a month, I don't really know what is happening here. Pretty soon I will get my own computer. But were is Mr. Cat?
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I think he went
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Nena....Although I did not hear from him personally, I heard that he was upset by a few posts on this site, and decided not to come back for awhile, if ever. I really hope he changes his mind, as I think he is an asset to this site, and we all have differences of opinions sometimes, but we have to just hang in there, and realize everyone is not always going to see things the same way.
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I did,nt know Mr Cat for long,but I really hope he comes back soon!!

I,m sure there are alot of cat lovers who would love to see him come back,he was such a nice caring gentleman!

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Well, if you're going to go around saying nice things about me then I guess I'll have to come back to The Cat Site! Actually, I took a sabbatical from here so as to wait out the Fighting Season in my underground fallout shelter. Reports I received today from above-ground sensors indicate a lull in the fighting, so I'm back! (Thank you for your kind regards.)


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Welcome back Mr.Cat,its great to have you back!! :blubturq: :homer: :angel2:
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Thank you very much for your warm welcome! As it's now 2:15 a.m. I'm going to bed, but I'll "see" y'all again later today.


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Welcome back Mr Cat!! Hoooraaahhh!!! So nice to see you again!! We all missed you ALOT so here is a welcome back party for you - joining in with Aristocats!!

:pinky: :pinky: :flash: :laughing: :laughing2 :LOL: :blubturq: :baloon: :rainbow: :bubbly: :daisy: :flower:

(gees...too many you think?... NAH!! I just can't resist the smilies!)

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Thank you! Thank you! I've prepared a very long speech, but I'll wait a bit before announcing my New World Order (it has to do with cats).

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I am really glad you are back too, Mr. Cat. I was getting worried. I really like it when I find out more men like cats. Usually we, women are the cat owners. And I really like the topics you bring up. If you haven't known by now, I am catless, but soon I will be happy again. Jake went to the bridge after escaping the confines of the apartment. I've been really sad, especially during the nights when I usually have my baby up on the bed with me.
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Hey there Joe! :flash::flash:

It's good to see you! As ususal of course! and Lot's more to Michaela & Tonya

So great to have you back!
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Joe!!!!!!!!!! I am SO glad you are back!!!!!! i was having withdrawals....
If you noticed, I also said something nice about you in my post above...I said I thought you were a real asset to this site, and hoped you'd come back!!!
I am SO glad you did!!! *hugs*
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Mr. Cat is Back!
Sounds like the name of a good song........
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Welcome back!

Let me guess, the "ego tourist" is an American!

Can't wait to hear about your Mew World Order!
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Nena, please accept my condolences on the passing away of your beloved friend Jake. I, too, lost my dear friend Sesheta Gray when she never returned from an out-of-doors patrol: She was killed by coyotes. I know you must be very sad just now, but I also know your new feline friend (I hope that's what you implied by stating you'd soon be happy again) will help you overcome your sorrow. Thank you for welcoming me back!

Catarina, thank you! It's good to be back. Of course, Michaela and Tonya have been giving me those "It's about time!" looks.

Debby, I noticed your kind remarks! Thank you! I've missed you, too.

Debra Meyers, I'll try writing the lyrics if you'll write the song!

Sun Lion, I believe you're quite correct in identifying that cartoon character as being from the U.S.A. However, he could be from most any First World nation I suppose! Unfortunately my plans for a Mew (thank you for correcting that) World Order have been placed on hold: The outpouring of financial support from the world's wealthiest cats has yet to materialize.

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