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Does anyone else get on IWIN.com and have you ever won the prizes? I just signed up yesterday; It's kind of fun to play. I always wonder if these are gimmics or not.
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Been on it, been playing since 01/01/01. Never won anything except gift coupons that have to apply to a certain value purchase at some sponsors site (plus inflated S&H charges) SO I have pretty much concluded it is a "gimmick" I still go back sometimes but I don't expect as much as I used to. It's the same way with EZ Sweeps and MailBag, GottaWin.com and E.Lotto.com and Lucky Surf and MailSweeps.com etc. I used to play them all before TCS. Now, I have a LIFE !!! (LOL) Not to mention a "Wonder Bed". . . . .
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Hi Tigger,

Yes I am a member of Iwin but haven't played there in awhile. And I have won prizes there. When I go there I usually play for the smaller prizes and have won several of them. I have won an Olympus Camera, a Franklin Electronic Dictionary, and a travel wallet for men.

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I have used Iwon.com. I have never won anything, but I have heard of people who have. I just got tired of going there everyday, lost patients. But you can win prizes.

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No sorry, I am not a member there.
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