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My ring doesn't fit!

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Our rings came in today and Brads fits fine, mine however makes my finger turn a lovely shade of purple and blue after 5 minutes of wearing it. I had my finger professionally measured and the guy told us that I needed a size 6, well that seemed a little extereme(sorry Luna is helping me type) to me but I thought, ok you're the expert so we ordered a 6, well it doesn't fit!!!!!!!!! I'm so angry! now we don't know if we have time to send the ring back and get a new one(it's titanuim!) before the wedding!
It's weird though because my engagement ring (size 7) is pretty loose. So I wonder if I shouldn't go with a size 6 1/2? They say that it should be kind of hard to get over your knuckle, and a size 7 pretty much just slips off my finger..... Anyone have any ideas??? I'm only 40 days away from my wedding now and pretty much thought everything was done and ok, now I"m freaking about this.....
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Have you called a jeweler and asked about getting it re-sized locally? It may cost a little bit, but at least it would stay close to home and you would know how long it would take....
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I wish I could, but since Brad HAD to have titanium, it has to be remade, it can't be resized. and the funniest thing is... he's upset with me! Like I chose a metal that can't be resized in anyway, I would have liked gold, or platinum, but no, it had to be titanuim! I"m so upset
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Oh my gosh, I'm sooo sorry! That was my first thought, too, that you should have it resized, but I guess that's out! the jeweler IS going to take care of expedited shipping charges, right????? (hint,hint. Their mistake, their dollar, I say!!!)

Just take a DEEP BREATH, call the jeweler and get nasty if you have to - they will cowtow to an angry bride any day of the week.
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I don't know. I'm so worried that I won't have a ring by the time they say "may I have the rings?" that I'm going to cry. In the back of my mind, there is a little voice saying, it's going to be ok, everything will be ok. but me being the worrywart I am, will be panicking until this day is over and done! I really don't think they will be able to get the ring here in time, it took, two weeks for them to make it and send it, but we have to send the original one back(hence another week or two) and then wait for the new one(another week or two) and we just don't have that kind of time! Sorry to whine and moan, but you're the only ones I can talk to knowing you won't get upset at me.
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(jugen repeats to herself...) "It's going to be all right, It's going to be OK" . . .

Like I said, call/see the jeweler and TELL THEM, they WILL have a properly sized ring in your posession PRIOR to the wedding day. If they measured wrong, THEY should be doing everything in their power to correct it. That includes overnight shipping the incorrect ring if that'll get the new one here any faster. They should be able to call in the order for the correct size and get that started while they're waiting for the old one in transit. This can be done, but you're going to have to be firm with them. Angry bride gets more done to her liking than weepy bride! Scoot, scoot, scoot! YOU can do this, and you'll feel much better once you have!!!

(jugen repeats to herself while breathing deeply...) "It's going to be all right, It's going to be OK" . . .
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I had my wedding ring resized - it only took a couple of days. Please relax - don't stress yourself too much over this please! It should not take too long. Can you ask Brad if you have white gold instead of titanium?

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(repeats to myself) it's going to be ok.. it's going to be ok.....(deep breaths!)
ok, I am going to talk with Brad when I get home from work tonight and see what we can do to fix this. Hopefully if we can overnight the ring back to the jeweler and he can make us a new one asap, then we might be able to pull it off, no guarantees though, and it might cost extra for us to ship it here over night you know what I mean? I dont' know who Brad went through to get them so it's all up to him, I just got my finger measured and told him, he did the rest. (deep breaths deep breaths!, it WILL be ok, It has to be ok) OMG! I hate panick attacks!
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Keep taking those deep breaths! It will be okay. Talk to you husband-to-be, and see what the jeweler can do to fix it. Good luck, and I'm sorry you have to go through this! Pretty much every bride has something that goes wrong, (mine was a groomsman backing out two weeks before the wedding) and it always ends up okay!
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With overnight shipping, you really should be able to get this straightened out in time! And I KNOW you want your wedding ring on your wedding day, but if worse comes to worse, you can always use a substitute ring. Perhaps you can get the jeweler to lend you one (that fits!) for the ceremony - just as a back-up plan.

BTW - I think I missed the announcement about your getting engaged! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Theres a saying here in the UK, "The customer is always right!".

I wish you lived over here because i'm a 'No nonsense' woman and not only sort out my own complaints but friends and workmates also.

I don't know about your country, but over here we have "Trading Standards".

If you the customer get no joy in solving problems on faulty goods, these people will do it for you.

If it were me, i'd be straight back to the shop with the ring, pointing out to the manager the person who measured for the ring, putting it down on the counter, and telling them they have' how ever many days' to sort the problem out, otherwise you will take it further.

Sounding confident is the trick, because theres so many people who just accept what traders tell them, but if you go in knowing what your talking about, they will back down
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Send the ring back to be remade, then buy a plain white gold wedding band just to make sure Brad will have a ring to put on your finger. And if someone made a mistake measuring your finger, insist that you get the wedding band at either no extra charge or at an extremely reduced price. I have seen people wearing plain bands on the same finger as their wedding and engagement rings and they look ok together.
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Barb go back to the jewellers straight away. They have to do something for you, bad advertisement for them if they don't! Don't worry it will get sorted, there is always a hitch. Please let us know what happens.
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Sizes go by 1/4's, which means you may be a 6 1/2, or even a 6 3/4. The jeweller should be able to rush your order since it's so close to your wedding, and it's basically his fault you ordered the wrong size. No matter what, don't let it ruin your looking forward to your wedding. It will be perfect regardless of the ring, and any other mishaps that may happen. Those things that seem like a crisis at the time are the things you both will laugh about once it's all over. Almost two years later, we're still giggling about some of our disasters
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I am guessing from the posts here that she had her finger measured, and then told the size to her fiancee, who ordered a ring that size, from someone else. So the person who made the ring did not make the error in measurement. And I suspect that the person who did the measuring can't really be held accountable, unless they "sold" their services, and said that they guarantee the accuracty of the measurements.

But here's another thought. You are getting a wedding band, that you expect to last your entire life, out of a metal that cannot be sized? That means that you will never be able to gain or lost weight, or the ring won't fit! I may have misunderstood, but this does just not seem practical.
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I had to have my engagement and wedding rings refitted a 3rd time when I was in the town we were getting married in because the jewelers in SF and Chicago didn't do the best job and I was stressed and retaining water.

Right now I'm just waiting for the swelling that comes along with pregnancy to make it so I can't wear them at all.

Normally both rings are slightly big on me (the engagement ring is bigger and slides around), but I don't have a problem with them. I also take both off when I get home every night.

My first engagement ring (from my ex) was a 4.5 and fit like you described, tightly enough it didn't slide but not too tight. I'm now a 9.
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Oh also, at our first wedding (my current husband and I were married twice, once for legal purposes and once for the family) we didn't have our rings so we used watches. Find a wedding band from a family member and see if you can use that if you can't get the band back in time. It's what it represents that's important, not that you actually use the real band.

And I would definitely suggest that you get something other than titanium. My Mom's gone through 5 wedding rings because each was resized the farthest it could be. My Grandmother had the same issue. My husband's wedding band is already too small and we've only been married 2 years!
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Originally Posted by Sammie5
I am guessing from the posts here that she had her finger measured, and then told the size to her fiancee, who ordered a ring that size, from someone else. So the person who made the ring did not make the error in measurement. And I suspect that the person who did the measuring can't really be held accountable, unless they "sold" their services, and said that they guarantee the accuracty of the measurements.

But here's another thought. You are getting a wedding band, that you expect to last your entire life, out of a metal that cannot be sized? That means that you will never be able to gain or lost weight, or the ring won't fit! I may have misunderstood, but this does just not seem practical.
unfortunately that is what he did! He wanted to give me something "to last a lifetime" so that's why he went with titanuim(actually I think it's because he liked the sound of the word! LOL!) so he went online, and found someone that is very reputatable, and bought the rings. that's why he needed the size.
he wanted it to be a surprise for me but since I knew he was getting titanuim, (just wasn't sure what they looked liked until 4/29, I got the fex ex guy before he did, thankfully and opneed it up) Don't get me wrong, the rings are excellent quality and are exaxtly what he ordered, so in that respect it was correct, but I didn't know that since the band is wider it needs to be bigger so I guess it really is MY fault not anyone elses. I agree with you sammiecat, the titanuim is kind of impractical, but it's what he wanted to get for us, so I being dumb, let him do it, not using the old noggin as I should've been. But strangely, I tried the ring on after working all day and it fit snuggly but ok. I guess I just can't wear it at night. or maybe after awhile it'll form an indentation in my finger that will let me wear it at night. or maybe down the road, I'll just have to bite the bullet and get a bigger one so I can switch off? You guys, I DO love him for doing this, but darn it, why did it have to be with titanuim?! why not with something we can get resized easier!
oh yeah the person he ordered it from ( I just looked is in British Columbia Canada, yipes, that's a long way for a rign to travel!, and they DO do excellent work, just so you know!)
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Can't they FedEx a new ring? FedEx can get it to you overnight. Its not a good idea to try to wear the ring, if your finger is going to swell. It would be a shame, to have to cut either the ring or your finger off.

Barring getting a replacement, in time, how about buying an inexpensive "stand-in" ring until you can get the replacement?
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I was thinking about just using my engagement ring until I could get it replaced. But I'm not sure what size to get it. my engagement ring is a 7 and it's loose, and the ring is a 6 and it is tight. maybe a 6 1/2 or do you think a 6 3/4? I'm thinking of the 6 1/2 but i'm not sure that'll give me the room I'd need for my hand to swell at night, but then again, if I dont' wear it at night, then a 6 1/2 would be ok because that would make it tight enough for it to not fall off but loose enough to let my finger keep it's pretty white color! LOL!
any jewelers out there that can tell me???
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I'm not a jeweler, but gained this info during my recent ring-shopping adventure.

Try going in to try on rings in a shape similar to your ring at different times of day - go to a place that offers a wide selection, so they'll have rings in all different sizes for you to try. You should probably start with the 6 &3/4, if the 7 is too loose all the time.

Ideally, your ring should fit so that it is snug (but not too tight) when your hands are swollen, but never so loose that it would fall off, even if they're cold. If your hands swell a lot & you can't find a size that fits whether your hands are swollen or shrunken, you can go with the larger size & a good jeweler can fit you with a ring guard to wear with your ring when your hands are smaller.

Using the engagement ring just in case is a great idea.

*Here's a site that shows & explains the ring guard - they sell them to apply yourself, but you might want to have a qualified jeweler do it for you unless you're more daring than I am.
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that is a great idea tuxedokitties! I never though of that. I think I will have to get one and have some one put it in a new ring for me! thanks everyone for helping me (and Brad!) you guys are the best!
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Glad to help!
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Relax, this is going to be your special day,and you WILL find the soultion.(can't spell at times) Personaly,I think you should try the 6 1/2. You are good to try to relax yourself,though. Us worrywarts to tend to go a little bit over the edge. A little drama never hurt anyone. Just take deep breaths,and remember, its gonna be okay.
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GRRRRRRR. Sometimes i really bother myself... I didn't read all the posts before... Sorry. Anyhow,that what i would have said. Now... I am so happy you found a soultion. Congrats,and I am really happy for you. happy wedding day for you guys!
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while you are waiting for your new WILL arrive in time...just gohome and cuddle with your furballs..they'll make everything purrrrrrrrrrfect. And the suggestion to get a stand in (standby) ring is good-the jeweler should throw that in for good customer least the jeweler that mis measured (did they use the same width band to measure your finger as the width the ring is going to be???makes a bid difference--also, if your hands were cold they could have measured smaller)
good luck
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My engagement ring doesn't fit either.... it's too big. I had my finger sized and it still doesn't fit right. I hope it all comes right in the end (I'm sure it will!)
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