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I'm scared for my husband - Long

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My husband has been at his job for 4 years not and very much enjoys it; except for one thing. His boss has a 40 yr. old, heroine addict son whom DH has to deal with alot. Well, a couple of weeks ago, some of my husbands belonging went missing (wallet, brief case, phone) from under his desk. Things had been stolen before from his office too. The boss's son was in at the exact same time that it all went missing....coincidence??? I think not.

LAter that day the briefcase and wallet were returned to him by a hotel cleaning lady who had found them in a neighboring hotel garbage can. Of course, the cash, credit cards and phone were all missing out of his wallet and brief case, but the rest of his stuff was there.

DH didn't investigate too much further as it was his boss's son and his boss immediatly offered to replace his belongings. Obviously dad things that his boy stole the stuff too if he's that eager to buy DH a new brief case, etc.

This morning, DH got a very threatning phone call from the crackhead son and DH thinks that he's gonna come down to his office and get violent. The boss is not in and not answering his phone, so DH is literally sitting in his office waiting for something to happen. I wish DH would just leave work and go home, but he's not sure what to do.

I just hope this crack-head, heroine addict doesn't do something stupid and hurt my DH. My DH is 6'1" and 240 of solid muscle, but it doesn't matter if the nut has a gun!

I'm a wreck!!
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Has he called the police saying he has just been threatened?
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I am so sorry to hear about the situation. Drugs can really mess a person up. I think that if there is a real threat of the son coming in then your hubby should come home and then speak to his boss as soon as he can and explain the situation. Ovbiously his boss knows the situation and would have to understand. Afterall, your hubby did him a favor by not turning the kid into the police for stealing his belongings. I can imagine how worried you are for your hubby right now, hang in there and try to talk your hubby into coming home with you I would discuss with him that it may be a good idea to encourage his boss to get his son in for some help for his drug problem.I hope it all works out (((hugs))))
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I'd tell hubby to leave work, drugs can make you do stupid things that you'll regret later. Does he happen to have bosses home number?? If so maybe he can call his boss at home and let him in on what is happening. or maybe this time the police need to be called. I hope things work out for him and you..
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Originally Posted by Catfur
Has he called the police saying he has just been threatened?
No. That's what he struggling with.
DH is not sure if it's just an empty threat or if the guy is serious.
To me, it's better to be safe, but to DH's not sure what to do.

Several people in the building know this guy and about his past, but all that doesn't matter if the guys just flies off the handle.
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I say call the police ASAP.
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Maybe he can call and put in a report, at least they will have it on file????
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Absolutely must call the police. Would've been better if he'd also done it when the briefcase went missing, but that's water under the bridge. Your husband at least needs to tell the police what's going on, so they can be alert for trouble if it does arise (and I pray it doesn't).
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I say call the police ASAP. Taking into account he's drugged, we cannot tell if he's kidding or not.
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