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I love My Cats!

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Im about to be mushy , we are going through a real family crisis right now with our son being very ill , through all the care , phone calls , letters, faxes doctors etc through all the stress , our cats have been our greatest source of comfort and strenght .

they have started sleeping with my son , when ever we are at a low point there they are.

I can only hope we give them what they give us.
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Dana - I believe cats have a wonderful instinct when something is troubling us. That is the wonderful thing about them.

Are you okay?

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Isn't it wonderful how they seem to know when you need them the most?

And I'm sure you give just as much as you receive. Love is one of those strange gifts, the more you give the more you receive.

I hope you son gets better soon.
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I am sure you give as much to them - witness how they are there when you need them most.
I do hope your son makes a full recovery.
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After my boyfriend and i split, apart from my friends, Rosie was the one who gave me comfort and made coming home a pleasure ! :
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Cats sure are wonderful. It's because you've treated them so well and loved them that they are there for you in your time of need.
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Love begets love.

Hope your son is well soon.
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I couldn't agree more... when me and my ex split, boy boy would sit in the room with me and just be quiet when i cry... now that made me feel a whole lot better! i'm sure they will make your son feel better too!
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Aren't cats amazing? Cilla is right, love begets love. They obviously love your family very, very much.
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